RIPLEY - With the help of a break in the weather, students were finally able to compete in the Jackson County Schools’ Annual Spelling Bee. The Spelling bee was held last Friday at Ripley Elementary School with a total of 18 students competing.

The judges were Jackson County school teachers, Kara McCutcheon, Linda Sydeski and Patricia Miller. The recorders were Principal Janet Postethwaite and teacher Phyllis Lyons. Director of Secondary Education Jim Mahan served as the pronouncer, while Assistant Principal Steve Holley and Spelling Bee Director Rhonda Jelich made up the grievance committee in case there was a question and review needed.
Fourth grade student Ash Brown of Ravenswood Grade School made it to the seventh and final round. Brown was pitted against Ravenswood Middle School eighth grader Tereasa Riffle, the winner of the contest for four straight years.

Riffle madke it a fifth straight bee championship with “quorum” as the winning word. This was the fifth and last year for Riffle to compete, as the champ will enter her freshman year at Ravenswood High School next fall.
Six fourth grade, seven fifth grade, two sixth grade and one seventh grade and one eighth grade students represented his/her school in the verbal contest. Spelling Bee participants, school and parent(s)/guardian(s) are as listed:

Cottageville Elementary
Gracie Hannum, parent(s)/guardian(s) Mark and Pat Hannum.
Madison Fields, parent(s)/guardian(s) Melinda and Clint Fields.
Evans Elementary
Brett Haskins, parent(s)/guardian(s) Jeff and Amy Haskins.
Kiera Casto, parent(s)/guardian(s) Derek and Mandy Rhodes and Caleb Casto.
Fairplain Elementary - Braxton Carpenter, parent(s)/guardian(s) Roger and Amy Carpenter.
Toby Blankinship, parent(s)/guardian(s) Sue Ann Blankenship and JC Blankenship.
Gilmore Elementary
 Houston Kessell, parent(s)/guardian(s) Dave and Teresa Kessell.
Gracelyn Randolph, parent(s)/guardian(s) Ryan and Beverly Ong.
Kenna Elementary
Mackenzie Crossman, parent(s)/guardian(s)Bill and Judy Adkins.
Grace Donelson, parent(s)/guardian(s) Gale and Melissa Donelson
Ravenswood Grade
Mychal Boggs, parent(s)/guardian(s) Tony Boggs and Leah Chappell.
Ash Brown, parent(s)/guardian(s) Irma and David Brown.
Ravenswood Middle
Teresa Riffle, parent(s)/guardian(s) David and Li-Yun Riffle.
Kendra L. Casto, parent(s)/guardian(s) Margaret Starcher.
Ripley Middle
Chaley Morrison, parent(s)/guardian(s) Charles and Jennifer Morrison.
Bailey Archer, parent(s)/guardian(s) Natalie Archer.