RIPLEY - The City of Ripley intends to annex 12 acres of New Stone Ridge Road into the city limits, following a presentation by Rod Parsons and Dannie Raines at council’s regular meeting on December 17, 2013.

Parsons and Raines made their proposal to council during the new business portion of the regular meeting. The annexation will be contingent upon the city providing water and sewer service to the site and reimbursement for stone and paving of the road. Councilman Russ Vannoy made a motion (seconded by Councilperson Carolyn Waybright) to write a letter of intent to support the annexation of the New Stone Ridge acreage. The motion was passed unanimously.

In addition, City Maintenance Supervisor Tim King reported he had spoken to Jeff King of AEP concerning a request for lighting on New Stone Ridge Road.
At Tuesday (Jan. 8) night’s meeting, Council officially approved the letter to Parsons pledging services to the New Stone Ridge development if it is annexed.

In other action Dec. 17, Council:
• Heard a report on the Cedar Lakes meeting with the State Board of Education concerning the future of Cedar Lakes from Mayor Carolyn Rader. The BOE will decrease their contribution to the operation of the facility over a five-year period leaving Cedar Lakes to come up with the difference.
• Heard a report for Mayor Rader on the City of Ripley display at Winterfest (Cedar Lakes). Rader reported the display needed repairs and is now in working order.
• Heard a report on the Southern Jackson County water rate increase from City Clerk Tom Armstead.
City Attorney Kevin Harris reported in the reasons why Ripley’s rates were lower than expected. He said capital additions and the new project were likely not figured into the equation resulting in lower rates. Harris and Mayor Rader were to hold a conference call with Todd Swanson concerning possible action to be taken.
• Heard a report from Superintendent King recommending that council approve Mike Casto and Greg Durback as full-time city employees.

At the Jan. 8 meeting, Council:
• Approved the full-time employment of Casto and Durback.
• Discussed end of fiscal year projects, including the now-completed Evans lift station, sidewalks and a new storage building for city equipment.