RAVENSWOOD - An early traffic mishap took down a light pole this morning on the corner of Walnut and Washington Streets and in turn, affected the function of the northbound traffic lights at the intersection in downtown Ravenswood.

 At about 7:15 a.m. a tractor and trailer made a right urn from Walnut Street and the trailer took down the light pole and consequently damaged the facade of the old Gino’s Pizza building located at the corner, across from City Hall.

 The truck’s driver, employed by Schneider, was not injured in the incident and no other vehicles were involved. Traffic was temporarily delayed while debris was gathered and the truck parked on the shoulder near the scene.

 “He simply took the turn too sharp and clipped the pole,” said Ravenswood Police Chief Lance Morrison.

 There have been other accidents involving trucks at the busy intersection in recent history.

 The City of Ravenswood will begin the process of repairing the traffic light and replacing the pole as soon as possible.