RAVENSWOOD - The Little Caesars new location is progressing. Plans to have a preopening by invitation only are also in the works.

Danny Lewis, the owner of the Little Caesars in Ripley, gave an update of the progress for the new eatery. Lewis took over the store formerly known as Gary’s Video in August.

Said the owner, “We started our build in September and we hope to be open by December 3. The location is the second best next to being on the main street. It’s close to the school systems and everything that is happening around us so I don’t think anyone will have a problem finding out where we are.”
Lewis stated that a pre-opening party is being planned.

Said Lewis, “ We will have a VIP party on December 2 and it’s by invitation only. Having a VIP party the day before the actual opening is how we train our crew. We have to prepare the night before. There will be some councilmember’s, teachers and other people in the area.”

According to Lewis, the restaurant will have a drive-through window, but no dining room seating area.
“There will be easy access with the drive through. It will be carry-out only. Get and run,” said Lewis.