RAVENSWOOD – At City Council's regular meeting Tuesday night, Chief of Police Lance Morrison made a presentation to a citizen who aided officers in a recent arrest case. Jason Hoschar was honored for put himself in harm's way to aid the officers.

Said Morrison, "During this incident Officer Thompson and Officer Cummings were engaged with one suspect when the other suspect approached them. He was making racial slurs, screaming at them, being very aggressive towards them. It was a very dangerous situation."

Morrison stated that police mainly deal with the population of individuals that are not on the good side of the law.
"You know as police officers," said the chief, "I would say about 90% of the time we always deal with the worst in anybody and it tends to make you cynical towards people. It makes you think that every body is bad."
Morrison stated that Hoschar showed the good side of people in the city.

"That night, Jason Hoschar (who is a member of our local fire department), stepped in to help our officers, which could have potentially saved their lives. Officer Cumming was struggling with the second suspect and Jason stepped in to help him and got kicked by the suspect.

He concluded, " I feel like its people like Hoschar who give me a breath of fresh air and it makes me realize that there are some good people out there."