CEDAR LAKES – The title for Ripley High’s cross country event on Saturday was a fitting one – Covered Bridge Invitational.
Due to a lot of rain, many went searching for cover as the day continued on.
Despite less than ideal conditions, the races were staged.

Ripley’s boys turned in a second place performance in a field that consisted of 15 teams. The Vikings scored 58 points to trail only champion Winfield’s 45. Ravenswood was 10th overall with 246.
For the Vikings, Jake Casto was sixth, Remy Boyce finished seventh,  Levi Phillips was 11th, Antonio Jones placed 12th, Dalton Fisher was 30th, Nate Miller was 43rd, Skye Stover was 44th, Tucker Miller finished 57th, Christian Fields was 61st, Braxton Miller was 65th, Justin Fields was 67th and Jared Wendell was 77th.

Due to the weather, there were no times for the boys division. Hayden Harrison of Buffalo took first place.
For Ravenswood, Jameson Cooper was 46th, Riley Heatherington was 50th, Jon Hayman finished 54th, Chase Jarrell was 58th, Colby Marks was 98th and Dustin Anderson was 101st.

Ravenswood was third in the girls division with 86 points while Ripley placed sixth with 136. Winfield was first with 26 followed by Charleston Catholic with 60.

Both Ravenswood’s Hailey Miller and Taylor Treadway turned in top 10 performances. Miller placed second behind champion Tori Dent of Hurricane, who crossed the finish line in a winning time of 20:36.89. Miller was clocked at 20:46.42.

Treadway (21:35) was sixth in the competition. Also for Ravenswood, Taylor Love (23:11) was 22nd, Mariah Currey (24:55) placed 41st, Kylee Williams (25:25) was 46th, Larissa Hayman (27:21) was 65th, Josie Hayman (27:54) was 71st and Jamie Fradella (30:16) placed 87th.

Ripley was led by Haley Ford (23:52), who was 27th. Amanda Longanacre (24:13) was 31st, Molli Cunningham (24:22) was 32nd, Kyndrah Hill (24:53) placed 40th, BryAna Stearns (27:04) was 62nd, Laurel Miller (28:21) was 75th, Jade Donohew (28:53) was 79th, Allison Phillips (29:59) was 85th, Julia Hunter (30:51) was 90th and Alex Kelly (36:00) was 101st.
In the middle school portion of the meet, Ripley’s girls came away victorious with 44 points with Victoria (Tori) Starcher leading the way. Starcher placed second behind Alexis Imperial of Winfield.
Ripley defeated Winfield by one point for the title.

Mackenzie Gillispie was 10th, Allison Knox finished 11th, Olivia Gandee came in 12th and Regan Carpenter placed 17th to give winning Ripley five top 20 runners.
Also for Ripley, Kelly Longanacre was 24th, Sydni Cunningham was 57th and Kaylin Parrish finished at 151.
Ravenswood Middle was represented by Page Pursley, who was 33rd, Aspen Sheets, who was 55th, Hunter Gorrell, who was 64th and Cassidy Anderson was 73rd.

In the boys race, Ravenswood was seventh in the field of 17 teams with 169 points while Ripley was ninth with 240.
Bryce Jarrell led Ravenswood with a 13th place finish. Blake Jarrell was 15th, Chris Murray was 50th, DeShone Cooper was 54th, Austin Anderson was 58th and Noah Freeman was 59th.

For Ripley, Andrew Swisher was the top finisher placing 10th. Bradley Yost was 29th, Nate Williams was 88th, Morgan Galouska was 90th, Seth Gainey was 91st, Jacob Fox was 92nd, Kai Greely-Fay was 95th, Broedy Boyce was 113th and Walker Shouldis was 137th.