A group of Victoria's Secret employees in New York City took on the company for better pay and hours, and won. 

Debbra Alexis told CNNMoney that she was making an hourly wage of $9.93 at the chain's Herald Square store. Her hours ranged from 10 to 30 per week, making it impossible to budget. 

Alexis found that other employees had the same complaints, so in June they presented their employer with a letter of demands. 

Victoria's Secret didn't answer the letter, so Alexis sought help from the Retail Action Project and posted a petition on Change.org. 

"The majority of our store’s approximately 700 workers struggle because we’re classified as part-time – only managers are considered full-time," Alexis wrote in the letter. "Since we don’t have guaranteed minimum hours, our hours are slashed without notice – leaving us unable to pay our rent, succeed at school, get promotions, or take care of our families."

The petition received more than 800 signatures, leading Victoria's Secret to notice Alexis' pleas. 

The company announced last month that all Herald Square employees would get raises of between $1 and $2 an hour, depending on experience.

Alexis recently left the company to work for a non-profit.

Victoria's Secret declined to comment for the CNNMoney story.  

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