I want to voice my disapproval of a distillery coming to Ravenswood.

Dear Editor:

I want to voice my disapproval of a distillery coming to Ravenswood.

The company’s name is Appalachian Mountain Distillery. This distillery is planning on moving into the former Cope’s Super Market. Their product is going to be a “legal” form of moonshine. This will be by a residential area with two churches nearby.

I have talked with the director of the Jackson County Development Authority and he told me these facts are true.

It was great growing up here, raising my family here. I love the town of Ravenswood. I know what people say, “a church every corner.” That’s fine with me, but NOT A DISTILLERY!

They are telling me it’s jobs, revenue, but at what cost? Do you know there are approximately 11,000 alcohol-related deaths annually due to drunk drivers?

Alright, enough preaching. They tell me it’s a done deal. Perhaps, but I would feel bad as a Christian if I did not take a stand against it. I’ve made up a petition that I’ve been taking around neighborhoods. Response against the distillery is overwhelming.

Some churches have the petition. If you want one, please call me at 304-273-0007 and I’ll make sure you get one.

I know probably my wording wasn’t that great, but I have spoken from my heart. I love my Lord. I love Ravenswood. Let’s persuade this company NOT to locate in Ravenswood.

Ron Hensley, Jr.