Six individuals face felony meth charges after two separate police investigations led to their arrests. On April 8 at around 9 p.m.

Six individuals face felony meth charges after two separate police investigations led to their arrests. On April 8 at around 9 p.m., Ravenswood Police Patrolmen A.R. Boggess and J.B. Thompson were on routine patrol and observed a yellow Mitsubishi Lancer with expired registration.

The officers performed a traffic stop on the vehicle at the intersection of routes 68 and 33.

Three individuals inside the vehicle were Megan Renee Casto, 32,of Ripley, Robert Lawrence Diddle, 32, of Middleport, OH, and Mark Davey Wolfe, 27, of Racine, OH. Officers Boggess and Thompson executed a field interview with the occupants.They determined that the suspects were behaving in suspicious manner.

The two officers gained permission to search the vehicle and subsequently found numerous items associated with a clandestine meth lab in the trunk of the car.

Officers Boggess and Thompson stated that all of the ingredients necessary for a one-pot “shake and bake” meth lab were present. Subsequently, Officers arrested Casto, Diddle, and Wolfe for operating an alleged clandestine laboratory.

In subsequent interviews with Detective Ross Mellinger of the Jackson County Sheriff;s Department, Casto allegedly admitted to being a meth user and trading components for finished meth product. She also allegedly claimed that Hayes and Diddle were meth cooks using the shake and bake method of manufacturing meth.

The three arrested were transported to South Central Regional Jail where they are held in lieu of a quarter million dollar bond each.

This arrest came on the heels of yet another large drug seizure in Ravenswood.

On Sunday, April 7, Patrolman Bobby Knox performed a traffic stop and seized almost 100 grams of marijuana from Scott Zecheriah. Zecheriah was also arrested and transported to the regional jail in lieu of bond.

Three individuals face felony charges of operating or attempting to operate a clandestine meth lab and exposing a child to meth manufacturing after their arrest March 27.

Cody F. Hayes, 23, of Cottageville, Felisha L. Hoselton, 21, of Murraysville, and Harvey J. Dilley, Jr., 34, of Ripley were arrested following a search of a vacant dwelling owned by Sheriff Tony Boggs’ uncle, a nearby mobile home and an adjacent vehicle.

At around 2:44 p.m. on March 27, Sheriff Boggs received a telephone call reporting a break-in at the vacant dwelling and that two individuals, identified by the caller as “Cody and Dilley,” were inside cooking meth with the use of an extension cord run from a nearby mobile home to the vacant house.

Detective Ross Mellinger and Sgt. Eric Cullen of the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department responded tio the scene and were met in the doorway of the mobile home by Felisha Hoselton and her five-month-old child and Cody Hayes. A third individual, identified as Harvey Joe Dilley, Jr., had apparently fled out the back door of the trailer.

A subsequent search of the nearby vacant house disclosed what the investigators described as “a station for manufacturing meth” including a two-burner hot plate, denatured alcohol, vinyl tubing, gas generator, lye, mason jars and more along with other ingredients. An extension cord ran from the hot plate to the mobile home.

Meth-related items were also discovered in a search of the mobile home, including coffee filters, white powdery substances, hypodermic needles, processed iodine crystals, red-stained latex gloves and more.

Investigators noted that Hayes’ hands were heavily stained allegedly from red phosphorous and iodine extractions.

Meth-related items were also discovered in the adjacent vehicle by Deputy George Burnem and his new K-9 partner.

In interviews, Hoselton allegedly admitted to recently purchasing both pseudophedrine and matches at two Ripley businesses, and stated that Hayes and Dilley had also manufactured meth at another undisclosed Flatwoods Road location.

Hayes, Hoselton and Dilley were subsequently arrested and charged with felony operating or attempting to operate a clandestine laboratory and felony exposure of children to meth manufacturing. Bond for each was set at $250,000.

Hayes and Dilley remain lodged in the South Central Regional Jail in lieu of bond.