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News to know

Two days before Pope Benedict XVI steps down, Vatican officials decided what the retiring pontiff should be called: Benedict XVI, his holiness, pope emeritus, emeritus pope and Roman pontifex emeritus, according to CNN. The name issue had been in the news since Benedict announced his retirement, since no pope had retired in 600 years. After he retires, Benedict will live a life a seclusion and prayer, Vatican officials say. 

Quote of note

"This juxtaposition of this great beauty and this wonderful country and this horrible tragedy is just really shocking. We all feel terrible." - Photographer Christopher Michel, talking to CNN about a hot air balloon accident in Egypt that killed at least 19 of its 21 occupants after the balloon exploded and fell about 1,000 feet to the ground. Michel was in another balloon when the accident happened. 

Hot video: 20 years since World Trade Center bombing

Twenty years ago today, terrorists made their first attempt to bring down the World Trade Center.


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