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JACKSON COUNTY - Animal Rights Furever ARF), Operation Fancy Free, The Humane Society of Jackson County and the staff of the Jackson County Animal Shelter are working together to build the funds in the Jackson County Animal Welfare Fund. They started the fund and it has grown to $16,000. The goal is to increase this fund to $25,000. 

This fund was created so that the groups would have ample seed money in order to work off the interest to fund the ever-growing needs of the abandoned animals. The fund will provide annual grants and ongoing support for the direct care of the animals. “With so many other needs in our county it is easy for our community to overlook the animals. These animals need your help and support to build this fund to its earning potential,” commented  Christy Crowell, JCCF, Inc. Executive Director. The Jackson County Animal Welfare Fund was established to support the care of animals. It will be a permanent endowed fund that will last FUR-EVER!

We all call upon the above mentioned groups when we find a stray or are in need of a healthy new pet. Please reach out and do your part to give back. We are asking all of Jackson County to give something to the fund held at JCCF, Inc. so that we can receive the continued support for our animal care. 

ANY donation in ANY amount is greatly appreciated. 

The Community Foundation of Jackson County (JCCF, Inc.) operates as a non-profit public charitable organization (501c3). The Foundation connects donors and resources to area’s greatest needs and creates and administers community grant and scholarship funds that will improve and strengthen Jackson County now and far into the future.

*Donations of any amount are tax deductible and are acknowledged by the Community Foundation. Please contact the Foundation office for more information 304-372-4500.