JACKSON COUNTY - The Jackson County Chamber of Commerce Community Fund held at JCCF, Inc. partnered with Eric Evans and Benefit Assistance Corporation (BAC) to purchase the white satin pendant stoles for the National Honor Society students of Ripley and Ravenswood High Schools. 

The 73 National Honor Society students of Jackson County work extremely hard to achieve this accomplishment. JCCF, Inc., The Jackson County Chamber and Benefit Assistance Corporation wanted to help recognize their efforts.  

“We are extremely proud of our students in Jackson County and the Chamber wanted to show our appreciation to the students. We also want to thank the faculty and Board of Education for the great job they are doing in shaping the youth of Jackson County”, commented Kerry Casto, President- Jackson County Chamber of Commerce.  

“The Jackson County Chamber of Commerce Community Fund was able to partner with BAC by collecting donations from several of the chamber members and running this purchase through the Community Foundation. We are glad to help facilitate this partnership to accomplish the task”, commented Christy Crowell, Executive Director, JCCF, Inc. 

“The Community Foundation is a huge fan of creating partnerships. TOGETHER- we can make a difference, accomplish a task and have a healthier, more vibrant community. We wish the very best for our students of Jackson County- Congratulations on your accomplishments!”, commented Crowell. 

Please direct any questions regarding any of the Funds held at JCCF, Inc. to Christy Crowell at 304-372-4500 or christyjccf@frontier.com.