RIPLEY - Five individuals face charges for two separate holiday crimes.

Two Wood County men face felony forgery/uttering and conspiracy charges, following the break-in of a vehicle and the theft of items inside including blank checks.

On December 26 at around 6:21 a.m., th owner of a 2007 Kia Sorento called 911 disptch to report tht the vehicle had been broken into at the Medina Park & Ride lot.

Deputy J.F. Williams of the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department responded to the victim’s residence and began an investigation. The vehicle had its driver’s side window broken and a dent near the door consistent with having a tool used to leverage the door open.

Reported stolen were some $350 in coins and $150 in currency, along with two fishing poles, a Garmin, golf shoes, a checkbook and a box of blank checks from Premier Bank in Ripley. The owner was to contact the bank, cancel the stolen checks and close the account.

On December 29 at 3:15 p.m., 911 received a call from the bank reporting that two men in a black Ford Mustang were in the drive-through lane attempting cash a check on the flagged account. The bank reported that the pair were getting antsy about the time being taken to cash the check, and eventually drove off headed north on Church Street. Lt. B.A. Anderson of the Ripley Polcie Department, Cpl. Joseph Comer of the West Virginia State Police detachment at Ripley and Detectuve Sgt. M. E. Cullen of the JCBI responded to look for the suspects.

At 3:24 p.m., a call was received from I-77 Chevrolet reporting that a black Mustang sped through the dealership lot toward the rear of the service department area. Two men jumped out and ran toward the woods along Mill Creek behind the dealership. Sgt. Cullen secured the abandoned Mustang.

Shortly thereafter, Lt. Anderson took a male suspect, later identified as Kelsey Donavon Paul Jones, 24, of Vienna, into custody behind Waybright Funeral Home.

Jones identified the other suspect as being Joshua W. Sheets, 31, of Parkersburg. Jones had a Motorola cell phone with him belonging to Sheets.

Sheets managed to escape the area and the search by lawmen.

Jones was arrested, charged with forgery, uttering and conspiracy to commit a felony, and lodged in the South Central Regional Jail.

On December 31, 2016 at about 4:17 a.m., 911 received a call from a Little Pond Creek Road resident who reported seeing a male suspect in his home on security camera, although he was away at the time.

Deputy B. L. Varney of the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department responded and was met by a neighbor who reported that male suspect was walking away from the scene.

DeputyVarney located the man, later identified as Timothy Pomeroy, 27, of Eskdale, WV, and took him into custody.

The neighbor had previously detained a female suspect, later identified as Amanda J, Pomeroy, 31, of Miami, WV, at gunpoint in a dark colored vehicle parked near the house that had been burglarized. Timothy Pomeroy had also been in the car, but had gotten out and walked was just before Varney arrived.  Barney took Amanda Pomery into custody. 

The neighbor also told Varney that he had heard some else in the house, Varney dispatched his K-9 partner Zamba, and cleared the house which had been ransacked with drawers pulled our and contents strewn about. The garage had also been broken into by kicking in the front door.

Barney then searched the area where Timothy Pomeroy had been walking, identified himself and announced he was about to release Zamba.

A male suspect, later identified as Joshua W. Sheets, 31, of Parkersburg, called out to hold the K-9 and came out of the woods. Sheets had escaped the December 26 hunt in Ripley in which Jones was arrested.

Ripley Police Patrolman Jamie Hart arrived to assist and took Sheets into custody.

Stolen items (air compression, gas can and solar light) were found in another vehicle ( a Chevy Camaro) at the scene, and investigators discovered that some of the house’s security cameras had been disabled.

Security video reviewed showed Sheets and another individual later identified as Michael D. Myers, 32, of Chelyan, WV, breaking into the house and disabling security cameras.

Later, Sgt. Cullen and Sheriff Tony Boggs found Myers hiding in a shack about .8 mile from the scene of the crimes. Senior Trooper Maxie Fannin of the West Virginia State Police detachment at Ripley, who had assisted in searching for Myers earlier, took the suspect back to Sheriff’s Department headquarters for questioning.

Subsequently,  Joshua Sheets, Micchel Myers, Amanda Pomeroy and Timothy Pomeroy were each charged with nighttime burglary, breaking and entering and two counts of conspiracy to commit a felony. Bond was set at $28,000. They remain lodged in the South Central Regional Jail.

In addition, Sheets was charged with two counts of forgery and uttering and conspiracy to commit a felony stemming from the December 26 incident in Ripley. Bond was set at $12,000.