RAVENSWOOD - Jordan Strickland likes playing libero for her Red Devilette volleyball team. Being the 2014 team’s lone senior is a bit odd, but then again so is being a defensive specialist in a different color jersey who darts in and out of matches. Yet it fits Strickland perfectly.

“I don’t really feel like a senior with all the sophomores and freshman we have this year,” said Strickland, “but, then again, I like it because they look up to me. I really like playing libero because I’m a defender, so it fits. The strongest parts of my game are passing and serving.”
Serving, Strickland is a specialist at pinpointing a gap or weakness and putting the ball there. She may see the target or get a signal from her coaches on where to place a particular serve. She is adept at putting knuckle action on her serves.
“I see a lot of similarities between this year’s team and last year’s,” she said. “I think we have the potential to go far this season. Personally, I want to up my passing percentage this year.”
In 2013, Strickland scored 121 points, served 51 aces, and made 761 successful passes for her 23-22-1 team.
Strickland represented RvHS at Girls State this summer, so she’s not just about athletics.
She plans to attend college in West Virginia. Playing sports at the next level would be nice, but she says it would be difficult with college-level academics.

A fixture at hot corner (third base) on the Devilette softball team,
Strickland is obviously fearless. That toughness translates onto the volleyball court as well.
“I like both  sports, but I prefer volleyball,” she said. “It relieves a lot of stress, when I’m out there I forget the world and just play. Playing softball is tougher—getting hit with line drives.”
Jordan is also active in TroopLink activities in the county with her mother, Barbara.
“That all started when my brother Chris went into the military,” she said. “We take a lot of pride in preparing and sending packages to our county soldiers serving overseas.”