RIPLEY- Ripley High Band Director Sherry Poole recently gave Jackson Newspapers a sneak peak about what the RpHS Band has in store for their 2014-2015 competition season.
All 142 Ripley High Band members began practicing for the upcoming 2014-2015 school term during the summer months with three scheduled practices a week. Once school begins tomorrow (Wednesday, August 20), practices will revert to Monday and Wednesday until 4:15 p.m. due to the conflict of both sports teams and band needing access to the football field at once. Also many students in band participate in sports, and Ripley High wants to give everyone the opportunity to do both band and sports.

According to Poole, the RpHS Band theme for the 2014-2015 school term will be “Go West.”
When choosing the theme for this year, Poole stated that Go West, “really hit me.”
The band attire will include “cowboy hats, fringe on gauntlets, jeans and western shirts.” She is looking at having cactuses, tumbleweeds, a wagon and a desert background for the band performances all with the help of the RpHS Band Boosters.
The band director shared that the company used to inspire the yearly band themes is Marching Show Concepts. Poole begins early in January, searching for the theme for the following year.
She has been employed with Ripley High School for 35 years in the Music Education Department. This 2014-2015-school term will mark Mrs. Poole’s 25th year as head band director. “Assistant Director Jennette Bowlby has been a huge asset to the department,” said Poole of her co-worker.

She credits the success of the RHS Band to the hard work and dedication the children put in. She shared that it’s nice getting to be declared the best band, but at the end of the day the children “having fun,” and participating in a “musical experience,” while entertaining those in the crowd is reward enough.