RAVENSWOOD - Ravenswood City Council met Tuesday, August 5, at 7:00 p.m. for the regular session. Upon completion of the Pledge of Allegiance and prayer by Councilman Jared Bloxton, Mayor Ihle called the meeting to order.
Initially, Council dealt with a recommendation by the Planning Commission to abandon a right-of-way on the unpaved area of Water Street between Mulberry and Sycamore Streets. After much debate, Council members came to a unanimous decision to decline the planning commission’s recommendation.

The second agenda item pertained to a resolution appointing and confirming members to the Planning Commission. Brad Dawson was the name brought to the table and passed unanimously by council.
Council heard the first reading of the abandoned structures registration ordinance. According to the ordinance draft as read by city attorney Steve Cogar, fee violations from unpaid abandoned structures will be assessed on a daily basis. Every day the owner of the “abandoned structure,”- be it a home or building fails to meet building inspectors maintenance requirements, he/she will face daily fines until the maintenance issue is resolved. Council also discussed possible structural fees. Council members would like to gain knowledge from surrounding cities about their abandoned structure fees before determining Ravenswood’s final course.  
Council approved an agreement with Jackson County Board of Education to maintain a PRO officer at Ravenswood Middle School; and passed a motion in regards to approving an agreement with West Virginia Development Office for park improvements.

Council discussed the repair and replacement of the air conditioning unit at the Riverfront Museum. After much debate, the council decided to put it out to local bids for one week.
Council member Ken Vintorini gave a report regarding business and occupation taxation. Vintorini said the council is open to suggestions from the public in regard to bringing more revenue into the Ravenswood area.
Regarding a maintenance department truck purchase proposal, council discussed amongst themselves the most cost efficient route to go. After the council members each voiced their concerns regarding items brought to their attention since their last meeting, council went into executive session and was adjourned by Mayor Ihle.