RAVENSWOOD – Like a lot of people this summer, Alex Easthom has spent a lot of his time out on the golf course.  Unlike most of those people, however, Easthom has been playing in competitive tournaments–and winning.  Easthom, only a freshman, won the 16-18 year old division of the Mid-Ohio Valley Junior Golf Association summer tournament as a 14 year old, and finished in the top 5 in several others.  Since the game of golf is one that requires a great deal of practice on top of playing (Easthom said he plays every day from 10:30 a.m. to around 9:00 p.m.), is there a fear of burnout? “No,” Easthom answered quickly, “I just enjoy being outside, I’ve always loved the outdoors and golf is definitely the sport for that.”

The practice has clearly paid off for Easthom, who has been playing golf since he was two years old.
“My dad wanted to get back into [golf],” Easthom recalled, regarding his initial foray into the game, “So he cut down some clubs and started letting me play with him.”
In terms of skill, Easthom credits much of his success to his strength off the tee, noting that he can “hit it a long way.”  But more than that, it’s his love for the game that shines through and pushes him to improve.
“How good you feel when you hit a good shot,” Easthom said, “It’s just everything, it just keeps bringing me back to playing it.”

Easthom hopes that his success throughout the summer will carry over to the upcoming golf season at Ravenswood High School.  Easthom has already began playing rounds to determine placement for the upcoming season, and has the inside track on the top spot on the team.  
“Hopefully, I can get to states,” Easthom said, “I feel like I’m one of the best players in the state when I’m playing well.  I’ll definitely try my hardest to get us there.”
Easthom also credited the community and the people around him for his success.  He wanted give a special thank you to all those people, including: Bob Kemp, Allen Tetrick, Sharon and Allen Toothman, Steve Shumaker, Larry Sayre, his parents and grandparents, the Greenhills Country Club and their grounds crew, which is “top notch” according to Easthom, everyone who transports him to and from the golf course everyday, and everyone who has congratulated him on his success.

“It all keeps me going, “ Easthom said, “I’m excited for my freshman year.  No matter what, I love the game, so I’m sure it will be fun.  It’s like Bagger Vance says, ‘Just keep swinging that club’.”