RAVENSWOOD - In May, 2014, K-9 cop “Dax” joined the Ravenswood Police Department.
J.B. Thompson, Ravenswood Police Department K-9 officer, selected Dax, a Dutch Sheppard, through former state police Tracy Landis’s “Ultimate Working Dogs” training establishment. Thompson said what originally made Dax stand out to him was how “well rounded” he was in comparison to the other dogs.
Once the selection was made, training could begin. Officer Thompson explained the training was geared toward the handler because the dogs already have the capability to track, seize and detain a perpetrator when they enter into Tracy Landis’s program. Regardless, the training process began with narcotics work, which is roughly 80 percent of Ravenswood crime issues, according to Officer Thompson. 
The officer explained that during the training process, human partners learn to read their dogs individual body language to determine if they were on a drug trail or not. Along with that, officers also build a relationship with their individual dog because ultimately they will be the K-9 officer’s partner. Every month, Thompson explained he and Dax will go to refresher courses to brush up on their training. There was between 160-165 hours of training Thompson had to complete in order to successfully team with Dax.

Since beginning at the Ravenswood Police Department, Dax has assisted in several drug busts alongside the Ravenswood police officers. A bulletproof vest protects Dax just like any officer who is placed into the line of fire.  
Ravenswood K-9 officer Thompson feels if it is in the means of any police department, they should have a K-9 officer, due to the substantial benefits provided. The Ravenswood Police Department is proud to serve alongside of their new recruit, K-9 cop Dax.