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    Panther Coffee, FloridaForget Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts. Every state has its beloved local haunt where you can grab a cup of joe or a foamy masterpiece of latte art and unwind.
    We found the best coffee shop in every state by looking at expert reviews and local recommendations.ALABAMA: O'Henry's Coffees is there to keep Birmingham hyper-caffeinated with its signature Gibraltar Quad Shot: four shots of espresso and a hint of milk.
    ALASKA: Jitters is so good it can give you just that, if you drink too much. In a hurry? Grab a coffee from its coffee truck, right in the shop's Eagle River parking lot.
    ARIZONA: Cartel Coffee Lab is a great, six-location local chain. Its single-origin coffee is roasted in-house and served with fresh pastries daily.
    Cartel Coffee Lab
    ARKANSAS: Mud Street Cafe is synonymous with Eureka Springs and home to award-winning coffee. Mud Street is located in a building that dates back to the 1880s.
    Mud Street Cafe
    CALIFORNIA: L.A.'s G&B (Glanville & Babinski) Coffee is barely a year old, but it's already receiving accolades for its brews, as is its just-opened sister coffee shop, Go Get Em Tiger.
    G&B Coffee; Go Get Em Tiger
    COLORADO: With a location in Boulder and another in Denver, Boxcar Coffee Roasters roasts small batches in a vintage German roasting machine, churning up the good stuff that goes into its popular cold-brew coffee.
    Boxcar Coffee Roasters
    CONNECTICUT: J. René Coffee Roasters in West Hartford proudly brews artisan coffee three ways: by siphon, chemex, or French press.
    Page 2 of 8 - J. René Coffee Roasters
    DELAWARE: Despite the name, Brew HaHa! is serious about coffee. With several locations around the state, BrewHaHa! has been voted the best coffee in Delaware by Delaware Today for 19 years running.
    Brew HaHa!
    FLORIDA: Miami-based Panther Coffee is known for its cold-brew java and its exceedingly talented baristas. The gorgeous artwork on the walls makes the space both a coffee house and a gallery of sorts.
    Panther Coffee
    GEORGIA: Named one of America's coolest coffee houses by Travel & Leisure, Octane has several locations in Atlanta. The original lofty, open space on the Westside is perfect for hosting events.
    Octane Coffee
    HAWAII: Beach Bum Café roasts its coffee one cup at a time, which the owners say produces the best quality cup of joe possible. There are several locations in Honolulu.
    Beach Bum Café
    IDAHO: Flying M Coffee has two locations — its coffeehouse in Boise, and its coffeegarage in Nampa — where hip baristas will fix you up a strong drink to accompany a selection of vegan and nonvegan baked goods.
    Flying M Coffee
    ILLINOIS: Vaguely sci-fi themed, The Wormhole's menu is as funky as its decor. Order the honey bear latte, or the peanut butter Koopa Troopa — espresso, milk, and just a hint of peanut butter from this Chicago coffeehouse.
    The Wormhole
    INDIANA: Calvin Fletcher's is a do-good coffee company that donates its proceeds to local nonprofits in Indianapolis. Makes you feel good about ordering that affogato, doesn't it?
    Calvin Fletcher's Coffee Company
    Page 3 of 8 - IOWA: Being in the center of the University of Iowa community, the Java House is an uber-local chain known for its mainly academic clientele. The shops host free weekly coffee tastings which, when you're a college student, are a great way to get caffeine on a budget.
    The Java House
    KANSAS: The Roasterie, with locations in Leawood, Kansas, and Kansas City, Missouri, is the home base of barista Simeon Bricker, who won the 2014 U.S. Latte Art Championship.
    The Roasterie
    KENTUCKY: For a colorful, funky vibe, get your next espresso at Lexington's Third Street Stuff and Coffee, where you can also shop for art and novelty items made by the owner.
    Third Street Stuff and Coffee
    LOUISIANA: In a city as hot as New Orleans, you'll want to cool down with a cool-yet-full-bodied cold-brew coffee. The answer? Spitfire.
    Spitfire Coffee
    MAINE: In the small town of Biddeford, Elements: Books, Coffee, Beer spells it all out for you. The star of the show is the Bard Coffee the shop sells — a locally roasted bean blend that goes into its caffeinated beverages.
    Elements: Books, Coffee, Beer
    MARYLAND: Rise Up Coffee Roasters began as a coffee trailer in a parking lot and now proudly claims three brick-and-mortar locations in Salisbury, Easton, and St. Michaels, each adhering to the "crop to cup" coffee philosophy.
    Rise Up Coffee Roasters
    MASSACHUSETTS: With four locations in Bean Town, Pavement Coffeehouse serves Bostonians a fresh jolt of java and made-to-order bagel sandwiches.
    MICHIGAN: Grand Rapids' Rowster Coffee is a warm retreat from those cold Midwestern winters. Step inside, grab a cappuccino, and read the paper while you defrost.
    Page 4 of 8 - Rowster Coffee
    MINNESOTA: Peace Coffee, which has several locations in Minneapolis, is a fair-trade coffee company that buys organic beans straight from the source. The result is a delicious, fresh, and sustainable product that supports the farmers who grow and roast it.
    Peace Coffee
    MISSISSIPPI: With several locations around the state, Cups is known statewide for its signature coffee flavors that range from the exotic, like coconut creme, to the local, like Southern pecan.
    MISSOURI: The Coffee Ethic in Springfield boldly claims that its cappuccino will blow your mind. Zagat named TCE its must-try coffee shop for the entire Show-Me State.
    The Coffee Ethic
    MONTANA: The sister-owned Crooked Tree Coffee & Cakes in Great Falls is known for more than its bold, hand-crafted coffee: It's also a fully operational custom cake bakery. Get a slice, or a cupcake, to go with your joe.
    Crooked Tree Coffee & Cakes
    NEBRASKA: Cultiva Coffee in Lincoln is a coffee house and "microroastery" that brews its own special Black Label espresso — a perfect blend of beans for milky drinks or to drink by itself.
    Cultiva Coffee
    NEVADA: Grouchy John's pours your daily dose of caffeine from its brick-and-mortar location and its mobile coffee truck, which roams Las Vegas.
    Grouchy John's
    NEW HAMPSHIRE: The Coffee Station, known as the Hut, is the go-to coffee shop for University of New Hampshire students. The drive-up red shack serves fresh roasted beans in unusually decadent flavors, like banana Nutella.
    The Coffee Station
    Page 5 of 8 - NEW JERSEY: Small World Coffee's refreshing New Orleans-style iced coffee is the perfect summer drink. Because of its locations, Small World Coffee has close ties to the Princeton community.
    Small World Coffee
    NEW MEXICO: Michael Thomas Coffee Roasters is, first and foremost, the best roastery in Albuquerque, but the company's cafe whips up a mean maple bacon latte, made with bits of real bacon.
    Michael Thomas Coffee Roasters
    NEW YORK: Neurotic New York City may seem like the caffeine capital of the Empire State, but it's actually Ithaca's award-winning Gimme! Coffee that makes the best cup. To be sure, they also have locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn.
    Gimme! Coffee
    NORTH CAROLINA: The owner of Waking Life in Asheville is an absolute coffee geek who loves teaching customers about great coffee.
    Waking Life Hand Brewed Coffee & Espresso
    NORTH DAKOTA: Grab a just-right drip coffee, a warm pastry, and have a seat at Urban Stampede, a coffee shop and specialty grocery store in Grand Forks.
    Urban Stampede
    OHIO: As the name implies, The Root operates on a philosophy that coffee should come straight from the source. The Lakewood shop serves ethically traded, organic coffee and appetizing vegan and nonvegan dishes.
    The Root Café
    OKLAHOMA: At Elemental Coffee Roasters in Oklahoma City, you can choose from any number of ways to have your coffee served to you — French press, pourover, Chemex, or even (or especially) with brunch.
    Elemental Coffee Roasters
    OREGON: Heart Roasters, with two Portland locations, only makes PDX that much cooler. Its premium coffee is available, obviously, in Portland, but is also sold online and in shops around the world.
    Page 6 of 8 - Heart Roasters
    PENNSYLVANIA: Ultimo is the best coffee shop in the state, according to Philly residents. The South Philly shop trains its baristas to pour the perfect espresso, which is served with locally sourced steamed milk.
    Ultimo Coffee
    RHODE ISLAND: Seven Stars Bakery is, yes, a bakery, but the Providence-based shop hired a coffee expert to boost their brews and now the shop is known as much for the quality of its beans as its bread.
    Seven Stars Bakery
    SOUTH CAROLINA: Charleston residents say that Black Tap's coffee is best enjoyed exactly that way (black), but that if you must add to it to go for the brown sugar syrup, which is the closest thing to heaven on earth as you'll ever find.
    Black Tap Coffee
    SOUTH DAKOTA: Coffea Roasterie's delicately roasted beans have been nationally rated by Coffee Review. They're sold whole or ground or brewed into mugs and served in the two cafe locations in Sioux Falls.
    TENNESSEE: The quality of CREMA's espresso is marked by the subtle, foamy "crema" when the shot is poured. The Nashville shop also offers tasting, roasting, and barista classes.
    CREMA Coffee Roasters
    TEXAS: Blacksmith is a Houston coffeehouse with a rock-star attitude. It pays homage to Queen, and any time a Queen song plays in the shop, the first customer in line gets their drink free.
    UTAH: Starbucks and Beans & Brews are two big chains in Salt Lake City, but Alchemy Coffee is the boldly roasted diamond in the rough. Two SLC locations blend good beans, fresh milk, and love to give customers their favorite drinks.
    Alchemy Coffee
    Page 7 of 8 - VERMONT: Burlington's Muddy Waters has great drinks, a warm staff, and rustic decor. If you want your caffeine in dessert form, go for the much-beloved Muddy's Shake, a delicious blend of espresso and ice cream.
    Muddy Waters
    VIRGINIA: The folks at Killer ESP in Alexandria must have just that, as they always seem to know exactly what you'll like. In reality though, the "ESP" part stands for espresso, sorbet, and pie.
    Killer ESP
    WASHINGTON: Cherry Street Coffee House, with multiple locations in Seattle, serves great coffee because the people who make it really know how. Cherry Street's top barista, Laila Ghambari, won this year's U.S. Barista Championships.
    Cherry Street Coffee House
    WASHINGTON, DC: Hand-crafted espresso drinks, small-batch baked goods, and its famous "hippie crack" granola make Baked & Wired the best coffee shop in D.C. It's also renowned for its cupcakes.
    Baked & Wired
    WEST VIRGINIA: In Thomas, a town with fewer than 600 residents, TipTop is a standout in coffee-making skills. It's renowned for having the best java for miles around.
    WISCONSIN: A well-known Milwaukee chain, Colectivo Coffee is committed to staying local and neighborhood-y. Colectivo's handmade "session coffee" is roasted and brewed to be enjoyed from the first sip to the last.
    Colectivo Coffee
    WYOMING: Cowboy Coffee brings a taste of the Old West to every cup. They sell premium roasted coffee beans around the state, but you can grab a cup and a seat in their Jackson Hole shop anytime.
    Cowboy Coffee Company
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