RIPLEY - Exposed to God’s love and church at the young age of two years- old, Janice Beane, now 13, has grown in her relationship with God over the years.
God has blessed Ms. Beane with vocals a grown adult would envy. She participates in singing performances in Nashville, Tennessee, as well as singing at the Fairplain Union Church. She most recently performed as the character “Fear” in the Emote: The Rock Opera.
Most importantly, she wishes to bring awareness to an upcoming event she participated in last year, called “Up 4 Christ” Youth Rally, held at Parchment Valley.  This year, “Up 4 Christ” Youth Rally will be held Saturday (July 19) at the Parchment Valley Conference Center.  

Ms. Beane stated that at last years rally,  “it was really fun. There was corn hole tournaments, an inflatable waterslide, volleyball and hula-hoop games.” Janice also said she enjoyed Jennifer Drake (a speaker at the event). “She was really good. She was like a comedian but also spoke about God.” Ms. Beane plans on attending this event with her family and hopes others will as well.

“It’s really cool getting to meet others with the same interests,” Janice stated in regard to the youth rally. Janice feels that people should attend the event to experience the praise and blessings that are taught through it. The youth rally is a wonderful way to lead those who do not know God to him and to bring those who do know him closer.
Janice explained that one of the biggest blessings that God has given to her thus far in her young life pertains to her nephew, who was born with a birth defect. Janice said he had “passed away this past November and we know everything happens for a reason. I thank God for the time he gave us with him.” Strong in her faith at such a young age, Janice’s final words in regards to the youth rally were “it’s fun and a good time.” She hopes many will attend. The event again will be held at Parchment Valley Conferences Center on Saturday (July 19).