RAVENSWOOD - A man who allegedly pulled a gun on a Ravenswood Police officer Tuesday morning remains lodged in the South Central Regional Jail.
Daniel Welsh, 37, of Wood County. faces multiple charges.
Police say Welsh was intoxicated when he pulled a gun on the officer who responded to Wendy’s Tuesday morning, because Welsh was allegedly “out of control.”
The officer allegedly discovered a handgun in Welsh’s bag. Welsh then allegedly pulled a second handgun on the police officer.

Welsh fled the area on foot, but a search by several law enforcement agencies, he was found near Race Street still armed with a gun.
Both guns in Welsh’s possession were reported stolen.
After lengthy negotiations, police took Welsh down and into custody with rounds from a bean bag gun.
Ravenswood Chief of Police Lance Morrison credited a cooperative effort with Deputy Sheriffs, State Police Troopers and his officers with defusing a dangerous situation.

Welsh faces several charges including being a felon in possession of a firearm, assault on a police officer and fleeing on foot.
Welsh allegedly has a criminal record, including attempted murder in California.