RIPLEY - “Emote: The Rock Opera” to be at the Alpine Theater for one night only Saturday June 28.
The show itself will begin at 8 p.m. and will last for roughly one hour. Director Harry Beall began composing this play over four years ago. It’s a rock opera, which means it’s a story explained through music alone. There will be several ballads, rock, blues, and jazz along with some slower pieces. This is a classic of Good vs Evil, with the key characters being emotions portrayed by the actors on stage.

The emotions portrayed are doubt, greed, fear, indifference, excitement, sorrow, and anger with appearances by the keeper of souls and innocence. The opera will begin with an introductory song for each emotion, and following intermission the opera will dive deep into the story.
The opera is called Emote because it is the root word of the word emotion. Director Harry Beall has been a songwriter his entire life, becoming interested at a young age due to the witness of Jesus Christ Super Star, when the rock opera appeared at the Charleston Civic Center. Beall explained that the thought process for Emote: The Rock Opera came to him when he decided he wanted to create something truly unique e created. This is Harry Beall’s directing debut at the Alpine Theater in Ripley.

Beall spoke of the very talented actors that will be performing in Emote: The Rock Opera on June 28, explaining that the two lead characters will be portrayed by Ripley resident Brandon Tiller, who plays hate. and Spencer’s Raquel Simms, who play love.
Emote: The Rock Opera will have CDs available at the Alpine the night of the event. Tickets for the event will be $10 for adult, $8 for senior citizens and $5 for children and students. Tickets may be purchased June 28, the night of the performance.

Spectators will come away from this show knowing that good will always triumph over bad. Be sure not to miss Emote: The Rock Opera at the Alpine.