I was hired for the girls basketball position this past spring and it's been a whirlwind ever since. Since that time I have been seeking some coaching advice from one of RHS legendary coaches and one of my best friends, Coach Mike Reed.  If you ask any of his former players, they would tell you he was one of the best and most respected coaches they ever played for.  He knows how to motivate players and get them to believe in themselves, each other and the TEAM.  If you  ever run into David Fisher, just ask him about the halftime pep-talk he received from Coach Reed.  Coach Reed's  defenses would come out and smack you in the mouth for four quarters.  I'm hoping to instill that type of defensive philosophy in my girls.  There's an old saying, "offense wins games, but defense wins championships"  

As we talked about some of his past teams, players, successes, memories, and relationships, we got on the topic of team camp for my girls.    He said, "Dare to be different.  Why not do something that others teams aren't doing in the state to bring your girls together as a team?"  So with a little planning, preparation and Cedar Lakes doing whatever they could to get us in on such short notice, it became a reality.  The girls made memories that will last a life time and brought them together as a team.  Yes, you need to know your X's and O's as a coach but "using some common everyday ordinary horse sense" will pay off leaps and bounds for bringing the team together.

I would like to give a special  thanks to Coach Reed, Coach Jon Melhorn, my family, parents, RHS boosters,  Cedar Lakes, who made this possible.   You will see, in the following pictures, the success of team camp.