RAVENSWOOD - Tuesday’s Ravenswood City Council meeting was moved to Wednesday at the Ravenswood City Hall building.
After everybody was seated, Mayor Michael Ihle called the meeting to order and  proceeded to the one item on the agenda; meeting with the public water professionals.

Richard Snyder P.E., District Engineer Environmental Engineering Division, was present to explain how the city water plant worked as well as to answer any questions that might arise from the Council members.
One particular topic of discussion pertained to financial concerns regarding water system funds. Two years ago, the fund rested at $269,000. As of April ,2014, the fund was at $24,000. Concerned, the Council discussed possible ways to help resolve this issue.

One concern involved the overtime hours at the water plant with employees receiving 12-16 hours of overtime on average.
Snyder explained the inner workings of the system and followed up by answering  any questions that may have arisen from his responses. After all of the Council’s questions had been answered, Synder was asked to stay while the Council went into executive session to have a more in-depth look into fixing the issue at hand and helping Ravenswood to continue on to prosper.

Look for an updated story on the Ravenswood City Council in a future edition of the Jackson Newspapers.