JACKSON COUNTY – Jackson County is leading the State of West Virginia in new business development growth by percentage (6.69%) for the first five months of 2014, according to information from Secretary of State Natalie Tennant’s Office.
According to Tennant’s Business Industry Growth Map (BIG) of West Virginia, Jackson County has had 59 new businesses open for operation from January, 2014 through May, 2014 and just seven existing businesses close their doors during that same six-month time period.

In January, 11 new businesses open with none closing. In February, 15 new businesses opened with two closing. In March, 10 new businesses open with one closing. In April, 11 new businesses opened their doors with three closing. In May, 12 new businesses open with one closing.

Thus far in June, two new businesses have opened their doors with none closing.
One of the exciting parts of the BIG map is that it shows where businesses have formed and what sectors they are in. For example, the BIG shows that businesses have mostly been in Ripley and Ravenswood, but locations like Millwood, Evans, Cottageville, Sandyville and Given have also seen some businesses formed.
The new business ventures are in areas like machine equipment supplies, freight trucking, science and technology consulting and gas stations.

The growth in Jackson County has been very broad and that means that the economy in Jackson County remains strong.
Jackson County has the highest percentage growth of new business formations, but not the highest number of new businesses. For example, Jackson County had 59 new businesses for January 1 two May 31, 2014, while, Kanawha County had 399 in that time. However ,those 59 new businesses in Jackson County represent a higher percentage growth.

“Development  Authorities (like the Jackson County Development Authority), Chambers of Commerce, County Commissions and municipal leaders across the state are working together to promote her own corner of West Virginia,”
said Secretary of State Natalie Tennant. “In fact, every one of West Virginia’s 55 counties have experienced a percentage growth in new businesses formed in 2014. And the Secretary of State’s Office is helping businesses focus on running their businesses and not paperwork, through innovative programs like 24/7 online annual report filing in a special online chat feature that allows a business ownerr to connect one-on-one with a Business and Licensing Specialist in our office. We are helping businesses form in helping businesses thrive in places like Jackson County and across West Virginia.”

“Ripley, Ravenswood and all of Jackson County is a great place to do business,” Tennant continued. “It’s got a great location between Charleston and  Parkersburg. And the fact that every one of West Virginia’s 55 counties have experienced percentage growth in new business formations shows that people see our state as a good place to invest, start a business, hire workers, and keep our local economy strong.”