RIPLEY - OES/911 Director Walter Smittle III updated Jackson County Commissioners on activities during the regular session April 23.

Smittle’s first point of interest entailed the need for a more effective Siren Network for Jackson County. Smittle spoke about the Siren Radio XLT 500 that had been acquired five years ago and the non-consistency it provides with the talk groups involved. Smittle brought up developing a master list for programming radios. Of course, this will require grant money but all in good time.  He hopes to be able to put EMS, OES, fire and law all on a patented talk group.

With regard to the LEPC meeting at the end of March, Smittle announced that Lori Pearson would take over as the chairman for her late father, Charlie Pearson.

Smittle spoke about meeting with Ramsey Nazar, a contractor with the Hame Hazard material planning grant.  Ramsey is working on the material-planning grant, and demonstrated the program to Smittle. Smittle spoke highly of this program, explaining that he will be able to access information about the program directly from his cellular device at any given time.
Smittle said he had received notice from the state indicating that all Tier Two reports must be electronically filed, which would require programs and money. However, with the program already used with Ramsey Nazar, Smittle said the county is already in compliance with this order. Ramsey’s program files every document electronically.

Smittle said West Virginia University-Parkersburg’s Ripley Campus is planning an active shooter exercise in the later part of June, once all the students are on board. Smittle said WVU-P is trying to get the word out as much as possible, so everybody is aware if they see squad lining the parking lot of the WVU-P Jackson Center in June. Plans are to have a large amount of information to give out in hopes of protecting students from the very real possibility of a shooter situation occurring.

Located on a site in Kenna, there is a tower and building the FBI uses. The FBI is willing to give the county both the building and tower to use as we please. Commissioners discussed how the building could benefit us as a whole. Smittle said this building is a huge resource, and all the commission needed to do was tell him to pursue it and he would. The property belongs to the Public Service Commission. The Commission motioned in agreement for Smittle to pursue the building.

Commissioners motioned to approved two quotes presented by Hughes Supply Company for the purchase of new duplex and associated equipment that will correct problems at the Millwood Power site that interfere with EMS and law enforcement frequencies, totaling $3,815.50 and $136.50 respectively.

Tommy Nutter reported on a RAC meeting he attended earlier in the week. He said all is going well as far as this project is concerned.  Projects approved for submission are trail and sewage programs. Nutter also brought up the active shooter training day held at the armory. He commented how interesting the training was, and that he learned how to take a weapon away from an attacker.

Mike Randolph reported on the Jackson County Solid Waste Authority meeting, where they discussed the employee handbook as well as operational procedures. There is a used tire collection event scheduled for June 7 to be located on the west side of Ripley’s treatment pond. Randolph also spoke about the OES awards dinner.  
Dick Waybright talked about the Little Kanawha Transit Authority meeting. He was recently appointed to the authority. He said he was impressive by the $2.6 million building in which the Little Kanawha Transit Authority is located. The structure houses main office space, board room space and mechanics’ space, which can accommodate two buses at once, as well as another bay to wash the buses.

After comments from the public, the meeting was adjourned.  See future editions of the Jackson Herald for updated stories regarding the Jackson County Commission’s activities.