RIPLEY - It has been brought to the attention of the Jackson County Voter Registration and Elections Office that several citizens of Jackson County have received a letter in the mail from Americans for Prosperity Foundation, PO Box 11472, Charleston WV, 25339.

An outline example of the letter is as follows: on the very top of the page reads notice of voter registration status. Below the voter registration status, it will say person known and the address. Then off to the right in a small rectangular box you will see 2014 Primary Voter Registration Deadline April 22,2014.

The following is a word for word depiction of how a potential letter may read. The message line reads: public records for Jackson County indicate you have only a few days to register to vote at your current address, Fill out and return the enclosed voter registration card to update your registration status. Our audit reveals that more than 8 out of 10 West Virginia residents like yourself are already registered to vote. As a good citizen who values their constitutional right to vote, we are reminding you to update your voter registration. Updating your registration before the deadline ensures you do not lose your right to cote in the upcoming election. Voter registration deadline is April 22,2014. Take 2 minutes right now to fill out the enclosed voter registration form, fold and seal then mail back to your County Clerk no postage necessary.

 This is not a letter that came from The Jackson County Voter Registration and Elections office.

Jeff Waybright stresses with urgency not to mail your information back to the provided address. This fake letter from Americans for Prosperity Foundation pertains to nothing regarding your ability to vote.

Unless the letter has Jeff Waybright’s name on the form personally, please disregard it entirely. If you’ve received a letter that looks questionable to you or if you have any questions or concerns regarding this mail dilemma feel free to contact the Jackson County Voter Registration and Elections office at 1-304-373-2232 between the hours of 8:30 to 4:30 Monday through Friday.