STATTS MILL - A pair of individuals face drug-related charges following their arrest, stemming from a passionate stop along Siniaville Road on the evening of March 1.

Deputy B. L. Varney of the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department responded to a call to the 911 center concerning a U-Haul pickup truck parked along Siniaville Road aat around 4:08 p.m.. The caller reported that the occupants of the truck were allegedly having sex.

When Deputy Varney arrived at the scene, he found a male and female seated in the rental truck.
In the criminal complaint, Varney stated that the man, identified as Timothy W Jett, 52, of Reedy, had his pants unbuckled. The woman, identified as Kristen N. Hodge, 29, of Clendenin, allegedly hesitated when asked by Varney for permission to search the vehicle and had to pull up her pants when asked to exit the truck.
Deputy L.M. Casto of the Sheriff’s Department arrived at the scene to assist Varney.

Jett subsequently allegedly admitted that there was a marijuana “roach” in the vehicle. He eventually produced the “roach” for the investigating officers. A pat down of Jett disclosed two syringes in his right sock.

The officer allegedly found a Royal Crown bag in Hodge’s purse containing several syringes and needles, one containing liquid which was believed to be “meth.” Due to circumstances, the officers had the truck towed from the scene, and took Jett and Hodge into custody, transporting them to Sheriff’s Department headquarters. There, when asked about any other illegal substances, Hodge allegedly produced a baggie containing green leafy substance (5.4 grams) believed to be marijuana from her pants.

Jett and Hodge were subsequently arrested.

Jett was charged with possession with felony intent to deliver a controlled substance and conspiracy to commit a felony, and misdemeanor possession and conspiracy to commit a misdemeanor. Hodge was charged with conspiracy to commit a felony.

The pair were lodged in the South Central Regional Jail. After arraignment, Hodge’s bond was set at $25,000. She has since posted bond and been released pending further court action. Jett’s bond was set at $50,000, He remains in jail in lieu of bond.