RIPLEY - If you happen to be familiar with CNN, Access Hollywood Live and Dr. Drew you may recognize the name and face of Segun Oduolowu (pronounced Shu-goon Oh-do-oh-lo-oo). The television commentator, actor and writer will be making a special visit to Ripley.

In a phone interview Oduolowu gave an outline of his career, “I work on TV. I work for Headline News on the Dr. Drew On Call Show and for NBC’s Access Hollywood Live as a social commentator. I went to school for broadcast journalism.  Then I do the acting because for whatever reason people thing I can deliver a monologue”. He continued, “I was asked to come and give a talk to my former freshman basketball coach’s basket ball team at their end of the year banquet. I have known Mark Wayne for over 22 years; he’s a mentor and dear friend of mine. He asked me and I said I would come.”

Ripley Mayor Carolyn Rader gave her reaction to the news.

Said Radar, “I was excited when Coach Wayne came to me and was talking about it and wanted us to share in this opportunity of Segun’s visit to Ripley. I was even more excited when I spoke to him on the phone just because of his manners. He’s appreciative to be invited here and he’s eager to meet the people here. It’s an opportunity for the middle school basketball team and the high school basketball team. I think it’s great for Coach Wayne to extend his acquaintance with Segun with the high school team and the City. It’s a win-win situation. When people come here I want them to be able to come away and be able to tell others, ‘You’ve got to go to Ripley, West Virginia because it’s a great place it’s a great city’. I want people who come here to remember us in a positive way for the warmth of the people who live here.”

Oduolowu stated that he was looking forward to visit the City because of the hospitality that he has been shown by everyone that he has spoken with.

“The Mayor on down have been nothing but polite and have been nothing but warm and have been nothing but accommodating”, said Oduolowu, “So, if the voices that I have heard match the actual people then it should be a delight and it should be a treat for me. Small town America sometimes to gets a bad rap. But, I’ve always felt that some of the greatest people have come from small towns.”

The multitalented guest will have a reception held in his honor at Ripley’s City Hall’s Council Chambers tonight (Thursday, February 27) from 7-8:30 PM. In addition to the reception and the banquet on Sunday, he will have lunch with the mayor and meet Governor Earl Ray Tomblin.

“I’m looking for it. I can’t express to you over the phone how excited I am to not only at being invited but to be welcomed so warmly and have the red carpet rolled out. It’s such a treat. I want to say thank you to all of the people that I have not met yet. I’m looking forward to meeting as many of them as I can and learning as much I can about the town while I’m there.”