RAVENSWOOD - Police Chief Lance Morrison recently discussed plans for the 4th Internal Affairs Summit (IAS), the year end report for 2013 as well as evidence storage.

  For the past three years, Morrison and City Attorney Steve Cogar organize an IAS. This year, the summit will take place on Monday, April 14. Both Morrison and Cogar agree that the event is successful as the 2013 summit had an attendance of 53 law enforcement officers.

  Said the chief, “We have the only training summit of this kind in the whole state. Mr. Cogar has told me that we have received a lot of calls from people interested in taking the class. It’s a very good thing for us and for the City of Ravenswood. We’re really looking forward to it.

While on the subject of training, Morrison also stated that his officers logged in 760 training hours in 2013. He also provided information for other police activities in the past year.

The report includes the following:
Total charges:
44 felonies
414 misdemeanors
Arrest Totals:
55 drug
9 DUIs
14 destruction of property
4 sex crimes
1 child abuse
Department Totals:
  3,000 calls received
60,000 miles driven
$12,017 in fines collected

With so many cases to deal with, the police department had a storage container installed on the station’s property.

   Said Morrison, “It was getting to the point that there was so much evidence that it was going to begin to cost us some of our cases and we were running out of room to store any more.”