RAVENSWOOD - Recently Ravenswood City Attorney Steve Cogar provided an update on the Ravenswood Annexing Project. Council members were given a proposal and an annexation map to peruse while he gave the update.

Said Cogar, “We have talked about this in council before. The project is just now in a position to go to the next phase and that is to notify the landowners as required by law. I was given a general mandate about what to do with the maintenance supervisor (Gary Hunt), the mayor (Michael Ihle) and Chief of police (Lance Morrison) regarding their thoughts and tried to get some feed back from their departments about this proposal. We had the map made by Fox Engineering because the ordinance requires a professionally made map in projects like this.”
He continued, “You can see we’re talking about 121 acres and we’re trying to grab those businesses out there at the interstate that have expressed some interest in coming into the City. One of the things we had to do was review Supreme Court cases and identify land owners along the right-of-way along the high way because they have to say yes or no. We have to get the approval of the adjacent landowners who are along that umbilical cord on the state highway.”

According to Cogar the annexation project starts at Eastwood and it works its way under the bridge to AAA Homes (Currently shut down) because it is developable business property. It also pulls in the businesses at the interchange. The area will give Ravenswood Police other places to patrol.

Cogar stated that landowners were contacted about being annexed and had a petition for each of them to sign. Landowners could give a “thumbs up or a thumbs down”. After the landowners decide want they would like to do, then it will be time to go to the department of transportation.

“They have to give us a thumbs up too because some of the right-of-way belongs to them,” said the attorney, “I talked to the district engineer and they said we want to know what the landowners want to do. If they are in favor of it there’s a better chance, but there are no grantees, that we can do that. So that’s where we are on that project.”