LOCKHART’S FORK - Bone chilling cold weather during the month of January, 2014 set a record for low temperatures for seven of the months 31 days. That’s the most recorded since 1980 when Walter Trickett, Lockhart’s Fork, Sandyville, weather aficionado began observing and recording the weather for the National Weather Service as an official weather watching station.

According to Trickett’s impeccable, detailed weather records, record low temperatures were set on January 7 (-6), January 8 (-6), January 25 (-5), January 28 (-12), January 29 (-17), January 30 (-18) and January 31 (-11). The mercury dipped to an all-time low during Trickett’s tenure of minus 18 degrees on January 30.

“I’m just trying to keep warm,” said Trickett. “It needs to warm up about 40 or 50 degrees. I’m burning wood like it’s going down a rat hole.

“We haven’t had a record low yet in February, but it was -1° Tuesday morning. Usually we get a new moon, it warms up. We need a new moon.”