RIPLEY - It doesn't take long to become acquainted with Todd and Cheryl McCoy. They are the type of folks that throw up a friendly hand when they see you out about town or to offer a helping hand to a neighbor in a time of need.

Todd was a Ripley High graduate in 1983 and Cheryl a 1987 graduate of South Charleston High School. Somehow, this Lady Black Eagle became a part of the Ripley community.

"It amazes me how close knit this community is and how they come together when there is a need. I am proud to be a transplant but I feel like I have lived here all my life," said Cheryl.

The McCoys have two children. Logan is a sophomore southpaw pitcher for the Viking baseball team and Kaycee, 8 is a bright inquisitive child who has a keen interest in the family business.

The family business you see is Logan Outdoor, LLC., which takes its name from the family's curve ball slinging teenager.

There are two sides of the family business that include the billboard side and the more recent addition of signs, window lettering, wall decals and more.

Todd's father Marion serves as half owner in the business and also wears many hats in the daily work production for the company.
"My father does lots of billing work and spends time tracking down land owners of potential billboard business," said Todd.

"Among many other things."

Todd's mother Sheila also assists with some of the workload that she and Marion handle for the business predominantly from their home.

The McCoys aren't alone in their responsibilities. Cheryl's father, former Charleston Police Chief Jerry Pauley, handles graphic design responsibilities. Pauley retired from law enforcement in 2005 and has found a second career in the family business.

"He does an amazing job for us, we are lucky to have talented family members, adds Cheryl.
Todd handles sales for the company and Cheryl handles billing on the signage side of the business but both wear multiple hats.

Todd has a marketing and insurance background and Cheryl worked mostly in the banking industry. The business initially started in 2002 as a billboard business and continued to grow to the point that running it out of their home became too much.

The signage side of the business currently resides inside of the Athletic Outfitters building in Ripley, leasing space from owners Cole and Lindsay Waybright.

The process of leaving your collective careers to put all of your eggs into the family business basket isn't an easy decision when the time comes to make the leap.

"Fear is a tremendous motivator," said Todd. "We are motivated by the fear of failure."

Logan Outdoors makes a tremendous effort to stay on top of current trends and modern equipment on both sides of the business like the trade show they attended in Orlando Florida last year.

"We like to network and search for ideas to help us grow while connecting with quality vendors," said Cheryl.

While owning your own business allows for creative scheduling, the McCoys have found that it isn't always the easiest road, but one worth taking.

"Having the business allows us to travel to Logan's away games. For instance, we can go and watch him play at Hurricane but when we return, we may have to put in a few late hours that night to make it all work," said Todd.

The business has stretched from Parkersburg through Charleston and as far as Boone County where many customers think the company is based out of the city of Logan.

"We are constantly clearing that up when we acquire a new account. We are proud to be a Ripley based business," added Todd.

Logan Outdoor recently printed life size stand-ups of the Scott High Lady Skyhawk basketball seniors. (They look amazing by the way! - Phil)

The company is most proud of its work in the community in helping organizations and individuals promote their event.

"As parents, we are particularly moved locally by the Gavin Morris story (Gavin Strong)," said Cheryl. (see

You can speak to the McCoys about your signage and billboard needs by appointment and by calling 304-541-8846 or visiting