RAVENSWOOD - The owner of two pit bulls involved in a fracas outside and inside a Harpold Street, Ravenswood apartment that left two women with dog bites and one of the attacking animals eventually put down at the county animal shelter is being sought by the Ravenswood Police.

The incident occurred when the pit bulls allegedly attacked a Laborador outside the apartment and the Lab’s owner and another woman interceded to try and separate the animals and were bitten.

Sgt. David Prechtl and Patrolman Nathan Cummings of the Ravenswood Police Department were dispatched to the scene by 911 in regard to a dog attack complaint, and encountered a chaotic situation with two dogs fighting and a woman attempting to separate the animals.

Prechtl tased the attacking pit bull to separate the dogs, and in the hubbub, the Labrador ran around the apartment building and inside the back door with the pit bulls chasing it inside where another melee occurred. Sgt. Prechtl chased the dogs around and inside the apartment, where the pit bull was again attacking the Labrador.
Prechtl tased the pit bull again and the officers were eventually able to get it tied up and dragged outside. It was taken into custody by animal control officers.

Jackson County Sheriff’s Deputies, State Police  Troopers and DNR officers also responded to assist.
In the meantime, an unidentified man grabbed the smaller fo the two pit bulls and carried it off. His image was captured on a patrol car video camera.

Investigating officers are still trying to determine the identity of the white male who they believe may be the owner of the attacking pit bulls who bit and injured the Labrador, the owner of the Labrador and the other woman in the fracas.

Prechtl described the man as a white male, heavyset, in his 40s with a moustache and possibly a full beard, receding hairline with a plaid jacket.

Sheriff Tony Boggs said animal control officers said the pit bull was extremely vicious--as vicious as any animal they had dealt with before.

An order was issued by Magistrate Tom Reynolds to deal with the animal as necessary, and the pit bull was put down at the animal shelter, Boggs said. The animal is being tested for rabies.
The police investigation is ongoing.