RIPLEY - David Riffle approached the members of the Jackson County Commission about procuring a drawing for the Cottageville Public Service District Phase II Sewage plans near Brownell Drive, Millwood. Riffle stated that he resides in the area and his main complaint is that he does not want pressurized sewage lines in the CPSD Phase II project running near his property.

According to Riffle, he has attempted to get the drawing several times and has yet to receive an answer to his verbal or written requests.

"As you all know the last time they were here, I was told I could get a drawing. Tandy Martin sat there and said I could get a drawing if I went there. I went there as requested. I could not get a drawing. I think the last time I was here I had a print out from a video camera that was on their wall, yet they wouldn't give it (Line drawing) to me even though Jim Hildreth, (Wells and Hildreth Consulting Engineers, Spencer, WV) was there at the meeting," Said Riffle, "I have done as Mr. Hildreth directed. He told me, back in March or April, going on about eight months ago that; if I put it in writing he would send me a drawing. I sent them by registered mail to make sure that they were received. I got no response. It is now one year to the day that I made the request to Mr. Hildreth in 2012."

As proof of recent communication with Hildreth, Riffle presented copies of a four-page letter to each commissioner. The copies were dated October 15, 2013 with registered mail tags attached.

In the letter, he states that he is opposed to the pressurized sewer as he resides on the north side of Brownell Drive Dr. with about 25 trees that border his field. He suggested that would be more difficult to remove the trees and stumps later as the roots could possibly damage the sewer lines.

He described the drive as a "poorly maintained 30-foot dirt and gravel dead end path with eight families on a .21-mile stretch that was not intended to be a state owned road.

Riffle reported that his and neighboring water wells are only eight feet from the drive. He further stated that the wells provide a better tasting, quality drinking water than the water provided by CPSD. Riffle added that he does not want the wells contaminated from sewer leaks and/or have sewage leaks and/or odor vapors to permeate his home.
There was little that commissioners could do in this situation but listen. The assistance Riffle required was not in the realm of commission duties. However, JCC President Tommy Nutter offered to contact Hildreth and inform him of Riffle's request.