JACKSON COUNTY, WV- In a previous article Kathy Stone presented the Jackson County Commissars with a solution to the over population of feral cats. The name of the program ‘Operation Fancy Free.’  
According to Stone the battle with feral cats is not just a local    problem. Its happening all over the nation. Stone stated that lack of spaying/neutering is a big part of the trouble.

“This is real problem. If each female has at least 12 kittens and that’s after you subtract the kittens that die, the females in that litter will have at least 12 more kittens and it just become a cycle,” said Stone.
 The more animals are spay/neutered  It will mean less feral kittens.

Each new generation leaves the county more and more feral. Feral Feline colonies crop up in areas that have convenient food sources. Dumpsters, restaurants, grocery stores are a major suppliers of nutrients. There are also people who feel sorry for the cats and feed them.

The Fancy Free program is for feral cats to make sure that they are spayed or neutered.     
When well, the cats get a notch on one ear to show the animal has been fixed and the  cats can be taken back to his/her colony.

Stone and her husband as well as others participate in setting traps for the wild felines. The cats are taken to Barboursville where for $15 feral cats are fixed, eyes cleaned, ears are cleaned and the cats receive a rabies shot.
According to stone the group has been doing well. We have made additional progress on the cats, pulling 2 small 4-week-old kittens living under a bush out front. Now in foster care and so much has improved after only 2 days.
Four more kittens there on our to-do list that is about 5 weeks old.

Said Stone, “The first cat we have returned after vetting. We are hoping to hold the land from other cats.”
One thing we really need is help trapping, driving, building winter houses, as well as helping to work the feeding stations during the winter.”

Ended Stone, “There are many people who care about the cats, just didn’t know where to start. Now they can just jump in with 2 hands and 2 feet and pick something they enjoy doing.”
For more information call 304-372-1303 or 304-531-8710. E-mail~ operation fancyfree@gmail.com