The Gymfiniti gymnasts unleashed with a roar at their season opener, Tumble in the Jungle, on November 16 at the Marshall University Recreation Center.

Seven gymnasts captured the first place all-around award with Bella Skeen and Kali Williams (both level 3), sweeping first place on all four events. Tori Fisher (level 2) and Williams received top honors with the “King of the Jungle Award” scoring the highest all around within their respective levels.
  Level 2 gymnasts, Baylee Keeler and Emerson Simons won their age divisions with outstanding performances on the uneven parallel bars, swinging past the competition to the first place podium. Lacey Ferrell (level 2) was no stranger to the podium achieving three individual event wins, plus the all-around. Team captain, Emily Frashier executed an unshakable level 2 balance beam routine winning first on the event and taking second place in the all-around. Kirtlyn Palmer (level 2) ended her first meet winning two individual events and second overall. Rookie gymnasts, Aniston Hazuka and Abby Kennedy rounded out the level 2 team with a third and fourth place all-around award. Individual successes lead to a first place level 2 team award for Gymfiniti.

 Level 3 gymnast, Mya Phalen had a consistent meet hitting four for four allowing her to snatch the first place all-around from nine other gymnasts.  Zoe Miles (level 3) shined on the floor exercise, receiving first on the event and third in the all-around. Veteran gymnasts, Cameron Young and Kristabelle Carte (level 3) saw success in the individual awards and received second in the all-around. Feeling under the weather, Sakura Ng (level 3) found enough strength to muster out individual event awards along with a third place all-around. Olivia Broom (level 3) secured third place on balance beam, floor exercise, and overall.  Haylee Shamblin shocked the level 3 judges with her glide kip on bars and walked away with fourth place in the all-around. Breanna Bostic and Emilee Ball got their feet wet in their first level 3 gymnastics meet receiving fourth place in the all-around. Gymfiniti’s level 3 team lost first place in the team award by .250. Allison Fields got her first taste of tough competition as a level 4 gymnast. She still held her own, receiving third on the balance beam and fourth overall. Gymfiniti, finding their place in the world of gymnastics, prepares for their next competition at Nitro High School, on December 6 and 8.