FAIRPLAIN - Two men were shot in what appears to be a drug related incident early Friday morning along Route 21 in Fairplain.

 The tussle occurred inside a pickup truck in front of a Fairplain motel, just a short distance from Love’s truck stop.

 According to the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, Thaabit Bashier of Columbus, Oh was shot in the leg and had also suffered a head wound. A bloodied Bashier entered the truck stop seeking help around 3:45 a.m.

 He was taken to the hospital but was able to give a description of the truck involved in the incident.

 Also suffering three bullet wounds was Brandon Barnette of Greenup County, Ky. Matt Dingess of Logan was the driver of the truck.

 Charleston Police pulled the truck over along I-64 where Barnette was found with three gunshot wounds. Police say that several rounds had been released inside the cab of the truck.

 Charleston Police are processing the truck and the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office stated that at least one arrest is pending in the case.

 Look for a complete story in Tuesday’s Jackson Herald.