RAVENSWOOD – A glimpse of final season stats for Coach Gary Braham’s 2013 Ravenswood Red Devilettes (23-22-1) point out the volleyball team leaders.

 Senior Katie Buckbee led her team in four statistical categories including scoring (669 points), passing (1.051/1,266), spiking (849/996) and kills (394). Buckbee also served a fourth-best 57 aces, mad 49 sets an notched 41 blocks (tied for third).

Senior Michaela Hughes topped the team in serving (434/477) and was second-best in five stat categories—scoring (426 points), aces (63), passing (816/1,096), spiking (613/719) and kills (185). Hughes had 35 sets and three blocks for the season.

Senior Tia Querrey was the Devilettes’ top setter with 2,473 to her credit in 2013, and was the fourth best server (343/375) and ace producer (61). Querrey scored 187 points, was 410/496 in passing, 59/77 in spiking with 14 kills and had three blocks.

Senior Natalie Francis served the team-best 68 aces for the season. She was the second-best server at 421/461 and fourth-best scorer with 254 points. Natalie was 237/366 in passing, made 23 sets, was182/260 in spiking with 55 kills and had 41 blocks.

Freshman Bayli Manns was her team’s third-best scorer with 329 points and was the tops blocker with 134. She was third-best in serving at 365/412 and served 49 aces (sixth -best). Bayli was fourth-best in spiking (340/407) and kills (130). She was 430/570 in passing and had 83 sets.

Freshman Lauren Hoff was second in blocks with 110, third-best in spiking (395/467) and kills (139) and fifth-best in scoring with 219 points. Lauren was 8/10 in serving with a pair of aces, 119/158 in passing, and had 54 sets.
Junior Jordan Strickland was third-best in passing at 761/1,149 and fifth-best in aces with 51. Jordan scored 121 points was 295/329 in serving with 51 aces (fifth-best), made 31 sets, and was 13/23 in spiking with two kills.
Freshman Ariana Kennedy scored 20 points, was 27/29 in serving with two aces, 97/145 in passing had three sets, was 19/27 in spiking with 11 kills and had five blocks.

Freshman Bri Comer scored 17 points, was 16/18 serving with two aces, was 47/83 in passing, had two sets, and was 19/25 in spiking with five kills.
Tweeners Lauren Hoff, Baylin Manns and Ariana Kennedy led the Ravenswood Red Devilette jayvee volleyball team to a 10-6 season record for 2013.
Hoff was the team’s top scorer with 157 points, as well as topping stat categories including serving (119/137), aces (33), spiking (125/150) and kills (66). Lauren was second in sets with 237 and blocks with 21. She was 141/204 in passing.
Manns was first in sets (254), and blocks (31), second in scoring (130), spiking (101/127) and kills (45) and third in aces (20) and serving (82/92).

Kennedy was tops in passing (162/248), second in serving (114/129) and aces (28) and third ins coring with 117 points. She had nine sets, and was 84/119 in spiking with a third-best 43 kills.
Bri Comer scored 96 points, was 82/104 in serves with 17 aces, 150/188 in passing, had nine sets, was 95/124 in spiking with 40 kills and had six blocks.

Katlyn Nichols scored 36 points, was 52/60 in serves with 10 aces, was 52/119 in passing, had five sets, and was 18/21 in spiking with four kills.
Delana McCoy scored 34 points, was 43/48 in serving with seven aces, was 52/105 in passing, had four sets, was 20/24 in spiking with six kills and had one block.
Erica Green scored 33 points, was 50/55 in serving with five aces, was 81/140 in passing, had six sets, and was 19/27 in spiking with eight kills.
Mikayla Patterson scored 30 points, was 36/42 in serving with 15 aces, was 41/85 in passing, had five sets, and was 5/11 in spiking with four kills.
Brooklyn Smith scored 23 points, was 40/55 in serving with eight aces, was 45/90 in passing, had six sets, and was 3/6 in spiking.