RAVENSWOOD - A driver was arrested in Ravenswood after Patrolman Brandon Thompson’s search of his vehicle disclosed meth and marijuana.

On November 19 as Thompson was patrolling the city, he noticed a white Toyota 4-Runner traveling north on Washington Street. The officer noticed that the driver had not used his signal to give an indication of which way he was going to turn.

Thompson turned on his cruiser lights and pulled the driver over. The driver was identified as Kevin Cain. The passenger in the vehicle was identified as Stephanie Lewis.

Upon noticing Cain acting nervous, as he was allegedly shaking and would not make eye contact, Thompson obtained written and verbal permission to search the vehicle. Patrolman Bobby Knox arrived to assist Thompson in the search.
According to the criminal complaint, both officers could smell the odor of marijuana. They allegedly discovered one clear freezer bag with what looked to be marijuana and weighing 118 grams. Also found were two baggies with a white residue and crystals believed to be methamphetamine aka meth weighing 2.2 grams. In addition, the search turned up seven pills of 325 mg/10mg Oxycodone, 27 pills (stamped M367) of Hydrocodone 325 mg/10 mg. and 49 more Hydrocodone pills (Stamped IP11). Other items seized during the vehicle search were a digital scale and about ten (10) sandwich bags and twist ties.

Before placing Cain under arrest, Thompson informed him of his Miranda Rights.
The suspect allegedly denied that he was the owner of the narcotics found in his vehicle. Cain allegedly admitted to the officers that he occasionally sells marijuana to his friends and confessed that he had smoked some “weed” earlier. Cain acknowledged that he also smokes meth at the price of $50 per gram.
He was charged with possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance and was transported to South Central Regional Jail.