The photo is from a recent bust by Ravenswood Police officers and shows drugs and paraphernalia that were confiscated.

Drugs discovered after written and verbal permission was given to officers to search the vehicle driven by Kevin Cain: One (1) clear freezer bag of marijuana weighing 118 grams, two (2) baggies with white residue and crystals believed to be amphetamine aka meth weighing 2.2 grams, seven (7) pills of 325 mg/10mg Oxycodone,  twenty-seven (27) pills (Stamped M367) of Hydrocodone 325 mg/10 mg. and forty-nine (49) more Hydrocodone pills (Stamped IP11). More details will be in tomorrow’s Thursday, November 21 issue of the Jackson Star News. (JN photo submitted by Ravenswood Police Chief Lance Morrison)