(Editor’s Note: For those unfamiliar with the meth making process, the recent “Shake and Bake” method requires just a few pseudoephedrine pills compared to the stationary labs. In addition, “Shake and Bake” labs are portable as everything that is needed can fit into a gym bag.)

RAVENSWOOD - Another “Shake and Bake” methamphetamine lab has bit the dust.
Ravenswood Patrolman Bobby Knox was notified on the morning of November 7 that the bed of a Ford Ranger was burning at the corners of Harpold Street and N. Ritchie Avenue.

Upon arriving at the scene, Knox observed the components of a “Shake and Bake” style meth lab in the rear of the truck.

The suspects linked to the mobile lab were identified as Jason Lee Nuzum of Ravenswood and Charles Ray Staats, also of Ravenswood.

Nuzum waived his Miranda Rights and agreed to be interviewed. During the taped interview, Nuzum admitted to operating a clandestine drug lab as well as manufacturing methamphetamines.

Nuzum allegedly told officers that he usually performed the finishing process in the manufacturing of meth inside the apartment. His wife, Amanda Nuzum allegedly helped by purchasing Sudafed.  According to the report Nuzum admitted to gassing a meth lab with his children in the apartment. 

Amanda Nuzum gave written permission for the offices to search the apartment. Knox along with Detective Ross Mellinger, Detective Eric Cullen, and Lt. H.M. Parsons gained entry to the apartment to retrieve the additional materials that Nuzum informed them about.

As officers began searching the apartment, the smell of chemicals normally associated with that of a meth lab were present.  The investigators turned up 14 one-pot containers; as well as raw components commonly used in the making of meth.

Some of the items include Coleman fuel, ammonium nitrate, cold packs, a modified gassing device, and ventilation.
Nuzum and Staats were transported to the Jackson County Magistrate for arraignment. Following the arraignment they were transported to South Central Regional Jail in lieu of bond.   Nuzum and Staats were charged with operating a clandestine laboratory meth lab.