RAVENSWOOD - A special meeting of city planning members was held  last week to discuss the possibility and mutual interest of Sheetz locating in the city.

For those who are unfamiliar with the chain, Sheetz is a gas station/convenience store company that was founded by Bob Sheetz in 1953.in Altoona, PA. Sheetz is still a family-owned and operated company that generates at least $6 billion in annual revenue with approximately 15,000 employees. 

Currently there are about 431 Stores INC in Maryland, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia. Sheetz also has locations in Huntington, Barboursville Milton, Hurricane Summersville and Scott Depot, West Virginia. In fact the 46th Sheetz store in the State was opened in 2012.

According to Ravenswood Mayor Michael Ihle, members of the Ravenswood Planning Commission called the meeting on Thursday, October 24 to talk about the possibility of the company locating in the City. The eight (8) members that make up the commission are Lucy Harbert, Ed Flinn, Gary Hunt, Mike Kelly, Dan Mitchell, Dan Williams and Hugh Mahone Commission members. Ken Vintorini is the city council representative.”

Said Ihle, “They discussed the potential approval to begin the process of bringing Sheetz and/or Auto Zone to Ravenswood. The decision was made by the planning commission to start the process for Sheetz to be here, “ He continued, “Now they didn’t approve any formal plans nor were any formal plans presented. It was just an expression of mutual interest that we want to make this happen.”

According to the mayor, the Ravenswood Plaza owner has been in contact with Sheetz for quite some time.
Said the mayor, “They (Sheetz) are very interested in coming. They have done their homework on the area. The person that we met with is a representative of the owner of the Ravenswood Plaza. They have been negotiating and discussing with Sheetz for some months now.

“They (planning commission) asked that a member from the plaza to come in and make sure everything is good on the city’s end as far as getting started. And, of course, it was unanimous that we want to see this happen. And that is all it was, said Ihle.

He stated that the process was similar to the efforts of Gary and Debbie Hunt who negotiated to bring Little Caesar’s to Ravenswood. However, the difference is that the company will change “the footprint” theoretically of the landscape and land use issue so the planning commission will be involved. There will be future meetings with the planning commission.

Ihle added that if all goes well Sheetz will build on the Northwest corner of the plaza. It will be out toward the road and the empty lot beside McDonald’s and the entrance to the plaza.
Finished the mayor,” Gary (Hunt) in his capacity of building inspector will be involved. We’re not saying that this is exactly what it’s going to be. It’s not a quote, unquote, done deal. You know, it’s not official. What is official is that we all want to see this happen.“