MILLWOOD - After a lengthy investigation into heroin distribution dating back to the summer months, law enforcement officers led by Jackson County Sheriff’s Department Detective R.H. Mellinger executed a search warrant on a camping trailer occupied by Robert Z. Barker, 27, and Cameron L. Rexroad, 26, both of Ravenswood.
According to the criminal complaints flied in the case, officers seized a quantity of black tar heroin and a drug scale. A large amount of US currency was also seized, along with many used and packaged hypodermic needles.
As part of the lengthy investigation, some five separate controlled heroin purchases were allegedly made from Cameron Rexroad and his sister Dezirae Rexroad, 21, of Ravenswood, using a cooperating individual—two from Dezirae Rexraod and three from Cameron Rexroad.

In one such purchase, Barker and Cameron Rexroad allegedly participated in weighing out heroin for sale.
Said Mellinger, “It’s been a pretty lengthy investigation. They have been a target of ours for several years and it has only been in the last 90 days or so that we were able to get any information, to get anywhere with them. There were a total of five (5) buys utilizing an informant, like I said the last 90 days. and yesterday it all came to a head.”
 Mellinger added that information and evidence gathered in the past 90 days “just wasn’t going to get any better. It was better for us to to put this to bed. Taking it any further would just have been a waste of funds and resources. We think we made a good criminal case. The heroin purchases were in Ravenswood and Millwood, and not in just one specific place.” Three search warrants were actually executed by the officers.

Ravenswood Sgt. Tom Speece and Chief of Police Lance Morrison, and Patrolmen Brandon Thompson and Bobby Knox also assisted.

Cameron Rexroad was arrested and charged with three counts of delivery of a controlled substance-heroin. Robert Barker was arrested and charged with one count of delivery of a controlled substance-heroin. Dezirae Rexraod is still at large, charged with two counts of delivery of a controlled substance-heroin.