“Big Play” Harrison

I must say that I enjoy nicknames. Not the kind that are negative or degrading to someone else but the kind that depicts a particular skill-set by the individual. In 2011, I began referring to Ripley basketball standout Cody Miller as “The Ripley Rocket”. In 2012, I tagged Red Devil hoopster Ben Pannell as “Boards”. The year 2013 brought the moniker “Jonny Baseball” for Viking catcher Jonny Stepp and Chelsey Hager was crowned “Torch” after a 22-strikeout performance over South Charleston in a 2013 sectional softball game. Who could forget Ravenswood baseball’s Devon “Hit Man” Crews or Jake “Deuce” Martin, a tribute to Ripley’s two time wrestling champion who happens to wear No. 2 on the grid-iron.

Then there is Ripley standout Kade Harrison. I have wanted to nickname the Viking two-sport star for quite a while. It seems that every photo that I shoot of him in action, the 6-foot-3 Harrison is floating through the air making something happen on the court or the football field. After I rejected my own creations of “Kade the Blade” (He carves up defenses) and “Kade Air-isson” for his gravity breaking exploits, I have settled on a simple moniker for the student athlete. Kade “Big Play” Harrison has officially been born. It may not be flashy or particularly creative - but it fits.

Peep on this: Not since wideout Jeff McCoy graced Memorial Stadium has a receiver made more big plays that took up large chunks of yards for the Viking football team. McCoy put up BIG numbers from 2000 through 2002. In his career he caught 87 balls for 2069 yards and 28 touchdowns. This included catches of 66, 77 and 81 yards, respectively. McCoy finished his career with a 25.0 yards per catch average. McCoy finished his career as one of legendary coach Frank Marino’s finest receivers ever.

While Harrison did not play as a sophomore (making his accomplishments even more glaring) and the Vikes don’t sling the pill around quite the way they did in McCoy’s days (in attempts), he has been a big play guy for the Vikings and quarterbacks Jake Martin and Trevor Tucker.

In just 17 games, he has 45 receptions for 1126 yards and 15 touchdowns. Harrison matches McCoy’s average of 25.0 yards per catch with long plays going 61, 67 and 82 yards.

That is just a day at the office for Kade “Big Play” Harrison.

Last season on the basketball court, “Big Play” became the career and season leader in blocks for the Ripley hoops squad. He swatted 37 in his junior campaign and has 52 for his career with his senior hoops season left to build on his career total.
You see, nicknames really are fun!