RAVENSWOOD - On April 24, 2013. Ravenswood Police Sergeant David G. Prechtl was call to assist Corporal Tom Speece with a report of child pornography.

Both officers talked to a witness who provided the officers written as well as verbal statements.
The witness stated that on April 22 she was visiting her 15-year-old friend at 303 Good Street in Ravenswood. The juvenile was staying with a male (the defendant), 18-year-old Jesse Lee Wood (who was recently charged with alleged animal cruelty). The juvenile informed the witness that Wood was her boyfriend.

Wood was at work at the time of the visit and had left his cell phone at his home. The juvenile looked at files on Wood's phone and showed the witness the files of alleged pornographic images of adults and an image of three unclothed females.

According to the complaint, the three females pictured on Wood's the cell phone looked to be around the ages of 8-11 years old.

The juvenile told the witness that Wood allegedly used the photos for sexual gratification. The juvenile also stated that she was disturbed by the images, but asked the witness "not to tell anyone."
Prechtl typed up a search warrant for the residence of Wood as well as a search of his person in order to confiscate media storage that included the phone in question.

Magistrate Tom Reynolds signed Prechtl's search warrant. Patrolmen J.B. Thompson, N.A. Cummings and R.J. Knox assisted Prechtl who found the pictures of the three females on Woods' cell phone. The females in the picture appeared to be minors engaged in sexually explicit acts.

Woods as taken into custody and charged with three counts of possessing child pornography. Bond was set at $150,000 on the porn charges.