RAVENSWOOD - With Jail House Gym no longer in business, residents had to go elsewhere to keep up with his/her fitness regimen.

Seizing the opportunity to own a business that would provide a fitness facility closer to home, Jared Bloxton now owns and operates River City Fitness.

Said Bloxton, "When I heard that a gym was needed because the other one shut down I jumped on it".
The River City Gym is clean, orderly and spacious. Various types of equipment and free-weights line the left and right sides of the walls. Weight machines are in the middle of the facility so one may go freely to other areas without feeling crowded.

Said Bloxton, "I've always been interested in the business side of things and my dad the bigger interest in power lifting. He's been competing inn power lifting for several decades now since he was in his late teens and early 20's, so it just kinda fit."

Bloxton stated that he had just graduated from UC with a degree in sports administration in May. His desire to own a local gym also fit in with his plans to live a healthier lifestyle . "I always had a vested interest in it. When it became available I jumped on it. Being able to open I needed to get my lifestyle on track too. I've lost 60 pounds since we opened on March 1," said Bloxton.

The business is what Bloxton described as a family effort.
"It is definitely a family deal. I wouldn't be able to do this with out my mom, my dad and my brother", shared the business owner, " I went in on it by my self, but they have helped me quite a lot along the way and help me a lot down here."

According to Bloxton, customer satisfaction is a must in any business.
"Everyone has been happy with it (gym) so far. I've pulled some people from Ripley and across the river in Racine and Pomaroy. There was defiantly a need here in Ravenswood for a new clean gym and it's a refreshing to start here in a building that had a gym here about 30 years ago."

Although River City is not a 24-hour gym, its close proximity and positive environment keep folks coming back.
Said Bloxton, Somebody always here and that's what makes it good. We have drinks for sale and it's a really comfortable atmosphere. I have men and women of all ages working out here."

For those just starting out Bloxton informed that he could assist clients needing advice on how to begin a personal regimen.
"I'm not a personal trainer", informed, "but I know a good bit about types of exercise and I will definitely help anyone who comes in and wants or needs help. I've been able to keep a lot of people because of that."
The gym owner stated that he offers different programs.

"I offer a variety of strength and fitness equipment whether you want to power lift shed off some weight or get in shape for summer or whatever you're wanting to do. It's been good around here I have seen so really good changes around here, changes for the better. I have guys who have stuck with us all the way through sense we opened in March and I see good changes from that."

" I've been really lucky. We have a good community here and they support the local businesses,'' finished Bloxton.