GOLDTOWN - A Cross Lanes woman faces charges that have been upgraded to include DUI causing death as well as two counts for child neglect creating risk of injury following a single-car crash on I-77 near Goldtown Friday.
Ashley A. Croushorn, 19, remains lodged in the South Central Regional Jail in lieu of bond that now totals $45,000. The DUI causing death charge was added to the two counts of child neglect creating risk of injury counts, after her boyfriend Trace Robert Wheeler, 24, of Tornado, WV, died Sunday afternoon at CAMC General of injuires sustained in the October 4 crash.

According to the report of Deputy L.M. Casto and Deputy M.D. Strobbe of the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department, they responded to the single-vehicle crash Friday and found a maroon Ford station wagon on its top in the middle of the roadway.

Casto made contact with the driver, Ashley Croushorn, who was on the side of the road attempting to vomit. Croushorn told Casto she had just begun driving the car because Wheeler had gotten into a heated argument. Casto said he detected the odor alcohol on Croushorn’s breath and that she had other characteristics synonymous with being under the influence of alcohol. She stated she drank a couple of beers earlier. Croushorn allegedy failed two field sobriety tests—horizontal gaze nystagmus and walk and turn tests, but passed the one leg stand test. A preliminary breath test allegedly read .098 blood alcohol content. She was read and allegedly agreed to to an implied consent for a second breath test which measured a reading of .082.

After being Mirandized by Casto and Strobbe, Croushorn was interviewed. She said the adult passenger in the station wagon was Trace Wheeler, her boyfriend, who was airlifted to CAMC General with life threatening injuries. Croushorn alos state that there were two junenile passengers, her five-year-old son and a 12-year-old niece. The boy was transported to CAMC General with minor injuries and the girl who also had minor injuries was transported from the scene by her father.

Croushorn was transported to Jackson General Hospital for medical clearance, and allegedly told Casto that Wheeler had been extremely intoxicated and had been also been driving, although she did not want him to try.
Croushorm was charged with two counts of child neglect creating risk of injury and lodged in the South Central Regional Jail. Those charges were upgraded Sunday afternoon after Wheeler expired at CAMC of his crash injuries.
In an unrelated case, Sheriff Tony Boggs said a couple will be extradicted from Washington County, OH, to face felony child neglect resulting in death charges for a single-vehicle crash on I-77 August 20 which claimed the life of a 21-month old child.

Jessica Souther, 31, and Shawn Souther, 39, of Lower Salem, OH will face charges here.