RIPLEY - The Jackson County Board of Education met on September 19 and Director of Secondary Education Jim Mahan addressed the board with a profile report regarding ACT and Advanced Placement performance within the county.

In 2013, the ACT was administered to 199 of 284 (70.1%) senior students. Jackson County students exceeded West Virginia numbers and were less than one point behind the national mark.
Jackson County Schools scored an overall composite of 20.9. The state of West Virginia scored a 20.6 mark and the national benchmark is 21.1.

Jackson County students surpassed the national scores in English (21.1 to 20.5) and Reading (21.9 to 21.3).
There was a very slight decline from 2012 ACT scores (21.2).

Students taking Advanced Placement courses within the county show favorable numbers in 2013.
At Ravenswood 48 students scored a “3” or higher on individual testing and 79 students at Ripley hit the same mark. Advanced placement scoring is based on a (1-5) scale.

Currently, 35 Ripley students are eligible for the Promise Scholarship and 11 Ravenswood students are on the same course. Jackson County graduates from the class of 2013 were awarded $684,000 through the scholarship program.

The Promise Scholarship requirements include (one of the following) an (ACT) composite of 22, a composite (1020) on the SAT or a minimum 2500 (GED). All candidates must apply for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Also discussed during the meeting was the progress of the new Kenna Elementary School construction. The facility is on schedule to be completely “under roof” within two weeks. This indicates that the project is approximately half completed and on schedule for a late spring 2014 completion.
Sensitive subject matter was also covered during an executive session.