RAVENSWOOD - Cross county competition is alive and well in Jackson County as the Ripley Middle volley ball team clashed with Ravenswood Middle School in red and black country.

In varsity action, coach Brenda Moore's Lady Vikings (4-2) won in two games, 25-22 and 25-13. The Demonettes (3-2) led by coach Kara McCutcheon played hard and showed moxie but in the end the Lady Vikings prevailed in two highly contested games.

Both teams showed great respect for the historic rivalry between the schools and this showed in their passionate play on the court.

For the Lady Vikings - Serving: Paige Swisher 11/12, Karlie Hesson 10/11, Mikala Armstead 7/8, Anna Kurnott 5/6, 2 aces, Katie Sinclair 4/6, Grace Moore 2/3, Braelea Skeen 1/3, 1 ace
Passing: Katie Sinclair 17, Paige Swisher 13, Karlie Hesson nine, Lexie Prater eight, Grace Moore and Braelea Skeen four, Mikala Armstead three and Anna Kurnott two.

Points: Paige Swisher 13, Anna Kurnott 10, Karlie Hesson seven, Katie Sinclair six, Mikala Armstead and Lexie Prater three and Braelea Skeen one.
Hits: Anna Kurnott 10, Paige Swisher seven, Lexie Prater and Katie Sinclair two, Mikala Armstead and Karlie Hesson one.

Sets: Lexie Prater nine and Karlie Hesson five.

For the Demonettes - Serving: Paige Hudson 9/9 one ace, Skylar Mace 7/7 three aces, Katie Mellinger 8/9 four aces, Kendall Bowen 4/4 one ace, Jillian Smith 2/2, Abbey Stagg 1/3

Passing: Kendall Bowen 17, Paige Hudson 11, Skylar Mace 10, Katie Mellinger eight, Abbey Stagg seven, Kayla Liptrap two, Marina Cubides one.

Points: Skylar Mace seven, Katie Mellinger six, Paige Hudson four, Kayla Liptrap three, Abbey Stagg and Kendall Bowen two, Jillian Smith one.

Sets: Paige Hudson 12 and Kendall Bowen seven.

"Our girls played tough and smart and I am very pleased with their effort." said coach Moore.

In jayvee action, the excitement was at fever pitch as the girls from both sides of the county played to win. Ripley Middle (6-1) won three very close sets with scores of 26-24, 25-23 and 25-18.

For the Lady Vikings jayvee - Serving: Delanie Kemp 16/17, 2 aces, Haylee Casto 13/14, 3 aces, Jahlea Bumpus 8/11, 1 ace, Taylor Johnson 7/7, 1 ace, Brianna McCune 7/7, Kelsey Hill 6/7, Katlyn Sarver 4/4, 1 ace, Addison Wilkinson 4/4 Passing: Jahlea Bumpus 40, Brianna Cornett 28, Kelsey Hill and Katlyn Sarver 24, Delanie Kemp 16, Taylor Johnson 7, Haylee Casto 6, Brianna McCune 5, Jayse Ludtman 4, Tessa Ray 2, Ella Casto and Addison Wilkinson 1

Points: Jahlea Bumpus 19, Kelsey Hill 12, Katlyn Sarver 7, Delanie Kemp 6, Brianna McCune and Haylee Casto 5, Brianna Cornett 4

Hits: Jahlea Bumpus 4, Delanie Kemp and Katlyn Sarver 3, Brianna McCune, Haylee Casto, and Brianna Cornett 1
Sets: Katlyn Sarver 3

For the Demonettes jayvee (3-2) - Serving Marinia Cubides 13/14 four aces, Kendra Casto 11/12 one ace, Liz Catron 9/10 one ace, Rylin Tabor 7/9, Whitney Harmon 6/6, Macey Manns 6/8 three aces, Hannah Heatherington 3/6 two aces, Kasey Hoff 2/2.

Passing: Macey Manns 21, Whitney Harmon 19, Kendra Casto 19, Marinia Cubides 10, Rylin Tabor nine, Hannah Heatherington six and Paige Hudson two.

Points: Marinia Cubides 13, Kendra Casto 12, Rylin Tabor 11, Hannah Heatherington nine, Macey Manns seven, Liz Catron four, Whitney Harmon two, Kasey Hoff one.

Sets: Rylin Tabor three, Whitney Harmon and Paige Hudson two, Marinia Cubides and Macey Manns one each.
"Although definite improvement in teamwork and playing positions was seen by both teams (A & B), we still need to work on playing strong from start to finish," said coach McCutcheon.